Fact Checking Policy

In order to ensure that all of our headlines are accurate, we double-check all of the news that is posted. Readers may easily tell the difference between true material and business chatter thanks to the categorization of rumors and insider reports.

We always verify the accuracy and timeliness of news before publishing it. We always double-check and sometimes even go to the original source material before starting any major writing endeavor (and any relevant reference material). Even if other news organizations have reported on unverified information, we won’t make such a strong claim without absolute certainty.

Never have we published something solely for the purpose of generating interest. Although our headlines are often exaggerated for emphasis, we never resort to sweeping generalizations. The data needs to be double-reviewed to ensure accuracy. When you read an item on theindnews.com, you’ll get more than just the latest news; you’ll get the credible context that helps you understand the topic and how it relates to your own life.

The writers at Browsedesk.com come from a wide variety of entertainment-industry backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a desire to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.

Every new piece we release will be well researched, thoroughly updated, and comprehensively detailed because our writers and editors have years of experience in the field. We adhere to accepted journalistic practices when we are the first point of reference.