Eyebloc Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened To Plastic Webcam Cover After Shark Tank Pitch?

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Before Shark Tank, There Was Eye Bloc:

If you aren’t technologically ignorant, shutting off your webcam without having to remove the USB plug can be a problem that requires you to remove wires from your computer or risk destroying the drivers that allow your computer to work. EyeBloc could be a solution to this problem, as it is a physical solution rather than a software or hardware one. Continue reading to learn more about EyeBloc.

Eye Bloc on Shark Tank:

C.J. Isakow, a Washington, D.C. Resident, Is Looking for $50,000 in Exchange for A 10% Stake in His Company. C.J. Begins by Stating that He Requires This Funding in Order to Launch Eye Bloc Because Americans Are Being Watched. American Citizens Are Being Observed by Cameras that Are Already Installed in Their Homes, Offices, and Schools. What Methods Are Used to Keep an Eye on People?

Through Their Computer or More Precisely, Any Cameras They May Have. C.J. Looks to Robert to Testify, Which He Does, and I Can Personally Attest to The Ease with Which Webcams Can Be Accessed, Albeit It Is Primarily Luck. Hackers Can Gain Control of A Camera by Hacking Into It and Commanding It to Shoot Photographs and Video. It’s Possible that Even the Government Is Going Too Far, and C.J. Insists that This Is a Violation of America’s Essential Values.

In Action with The Eye Bloc

There Is, However, a Solution: Eye Bloc. Eye Bloc Is Compatible with Any Device and Will Cover the Camera. It Simply Slides Over the Webcam and Secures Itself in Place, Shielding the Person from Any Potential Cybercrime. Lori Turns to Robert for Testimony, and Robert Explains that This Is a Concern and That Turning Off the Webcam Is a Problem for The Normal User. Kevin Claims that C.J. Rightly Priced His Company at $50,000 for A Little Bit of Rubber, to Which C.J. Agrees, and Then Asks if Any of The Sharks Had Been Naked in Front of Their Computers.

Mark Inquires About Eye Bloc’s Sales and Growth, and C.J. Responds that Eye Bloc Did Not Exist Two Months Ago. C.J. Is Receiving Orders from The Military and All Over the United States for Eye Bloc, a Revolutionary New Startup that Is Expanding Quickly. C.J. Reveals that Daymond Has Asked for A Certain Sum, Which Is $4,500. All of The Sharks Are Stunned, and C.J. Goes Even Deeper, Claiming that He only Sells One a Day. He Advertises the Eye Bloc for $9.99 and Claims to Have Sold for $9.99.

Mark Notes that Only 45 Units Have Been Sold Because Any Savvy User Can Place a Piece of Gum or A Post-It Note Over the Camera and Forget About It. C.J. Concedes that Post-It Notes Are His Competitor, but Mark Claims that Losing the Eye Bloc Is Preferable to Losing a Cheap Post-It Note. C.J. Distributes Samples and Tells that He Started the Company and Put Money Into It with Only $5,000.

Due to The Requirement to Replace the Mould Every Ten Thousand Pieces or So, the Price Is Sadly Kept at Roughly $1. the Price of The Steel Mould, on The Other Hand, Would Drop to Roughly $.25 Because the Mould Would Last Nearly 5 Times as Long. the Steel Mould Would Also Provide More Realism, Allowing for Local and Maybe Personal Engravings to Be Incorporated Into the Eye Bloc.

Lori Expresses Her Main Criticism of The Eye Bloc, Which Is the $9.99 Price Tag. Lori Claims that She only Sees a Dollar’s Worth in The Eye Bloc and Claims that There Are a Million More Ways to Disable the Webcam. Robert Claims that There Is a Market for People Who Want to Safeguard Their Children from Webcams, but That Eye Bloc Isn’t the Ideal Answer; He, Too, Is out Of the Agreement. Robert Is One of The Top Ten Experts in Cyber Crime in The World, According to Daymond, and If Robert Isn’t In, He Has to Be out As Well.

Eye Bloc Packaging

Mark Is the Second Shark to Walk Away from The Agreement, Claiming that Eye Bloc Is Just a Product with No Brand and That It Would Not Last. Kevin Is the Lone Remaining Shark, Therefore C.J. Looks to Him. Kevin Says He’d Like to Tell You a Story About How, Back when There Was No Internet and Humanity only Had Towns, Castles, and Dwellings, an Upside Down Flag Was the Worldwide Sign of Concern.

When Circumstances Got Worse, a Family Would Turn Their Flag Upside Down to Warn Their Neighbours and Passers-By. C.J. Is Standing Next to An American Flag, Which Kevin Suggests C.J. Turn Upside Down; He Also Thinks Eye Bloc Is “total Trash on A Stick,” and Is out Of the Deal.

After Shark Tank, Eye Bloc: A 2022 Update

Despite the One-Star Rating on Amazon, Eye Bloc Appears to Still Exist and Should Not Be Dismissed as A Failure. However, Eye Bloc Looks to Be Rapidly Declining in Popularity; on Amazon, Eye Bloc Has a Terrible Rating, with 37% of All Reviews Being 1 Star, and An Overall Average Rating of 3.3 out Of 5 Stars. Eye Bloc Also Has a Facebook Page, but Just 356 People Like It.

Eye Bloc Has Since Reduced Its Price from $9.99 to $5.99 for A Black Webcam Cover and $6.99 for A Red, White, or Blue Webcam Cover. However, All Eye Blocs on The Website Http://eyebloc.Com/ Are Currently Sold Out, and There Is No Information Regarding when The Supply Will Be Restocked. It’s Unclear What Eye Bloc’s Current State Is, but It Doesn’t Appear to Be Shut Down.

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