ESPN Plus Subscription: Price, Features, Is It Worth It, and More!

espn subscription

For all online sports fans, ESPN Plus is the greatest streaming option. Although you must pay a separate subscription to it in addition to your cable ESPN account, it does include a large range of programming. The ESPN Plus app is a terrific option if you want to watch your favorite team play from your phone.

If you are a devoted sports fan, you may be familiar with ESPN. To host exclusive live broadcasts for specific sports, the firm has been creating ESPN Plus, an alternative on-demand streaming service. The service provides the standard live sports coverage found on cable broadcasts in addition to some ESPN insider material and on-demand videos.

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Because it offers both live and recorded material, it differs greatly from other streaming services like Amazon Prime video on Netflix. From the ESPN app or website, all of these may be viewed on various devices. Even while it doesn’t cover every sport, it’s a fantastic option for lovers of soccer, baseball, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, hockey, and many other sports.

How Is Espn Plus Put to Use?

You only need to download the app on any supported device and choose the content you wish to watch, just like other streaming services. If you selected live broadcast content, you also have the choice of launching your stream at the start of the broadcast.

Finding anything to watch is quite simple thanks to the user-friendly interfaces on both the website and the mobile app. The live content is displayed in the first row, and you can choose from additional recorded content in the following rows. To access the many categories for metrics and analytics, navigate to the menu.

What Is Required for Using Espn Plus?

espn subscription

ESPN recommends a minimum connection speed of 2 Mbps on their website, although you might need a better connection if you wish to stream constantly in good quality. You can experience buffering while watching a live soccer game with the required speed. The majority of the information is streamed at 60 frames per second, which places extra stress on your internet connection.

However, this is less than what Netflix needs in order to watch HD material. There is no official estimate of how much data will be used, but based on how other platforms operate, you may anticipate using about 3GB every hour.

What Is the Price of Espn Plus?

espn subscription

Sadly, there are no free trials available for the streaming service, but you do have the ability to share your membership with others since it allows up to three simultaneous displays at once.

The two main ESPN Plus subscription options are the monthly pass and the yearly pass. However, there has just been a slight price hike on plans. You can terminate the monthly plan at any time for a fee of $6.99 per month with a minimum term of one month. You can save a lot of money by choosing the 12-month annual plan, which costs $69.99 annually instead of the monthly option.

Another option is the Disney+ bundle, which costs just $13 a month and gives you access to Disney+, ESPN Plus, and Hulu memberships. However, a paid TV subscription is necessary to view ESPN live channels, whether it be through satellite TV, cable, or a live TV streaming service. To watch live videos on the app, users must check in with their TV provider account.

Which Devices Can I Use Espn Plus On?

ESPN Plus is compatible with a wide range of devices, so you should be able to stream your content to any screen in your home. The ESPN app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, and it includes the ability to cast live feeds into a Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Nearly every browser on the market, including Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS, supports the best swimming service. Even many Smart TVs, set-up boxes, and gaming consoles are supported.

Does Espn Plus Offer Value?

espn subscription

Depending on how much you enjoy sports, you can decide whether ESPN Plus is worthwhile. It is substantially less priced than many of the streaming services available today at just $6.99 per month, but it also has less content.

As players from all around the world sign up to stream games on the service, it is one of the greatest places to watch sports like boxing and soccer. However, you won’t be able to watch NFL or NBA games on the platform.

The UFC, which has a streaming connection with ESPN Plus that is exclusive, maybe the most well-liked option for everyone. The only way to view legitimate UFC pay-per-view events is through this method.

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However, because and have direct connections to the service for out-of-market games and statistics, ESPN Plus is a wonderful option for watching subscriptions like those two. You may also watch a lot of well-known TV programs and documentaries, including the prestigious 30-for-30 series. Even significant tennis competitions like the Grand Slam, US Open, and Australian Open are accessible, in addition to a large number of college football and cricket games.

Last Point

Despite the lack of free trials, ESPN Plus may be worth a try for sports enthusiasts due to its low prices and wide selection of on-demand programming. You can watch ESPN Plus Originals, UFC fights, and exclusive PPV events with the $6.99 basic package, which also gives you access to live sporting events.

Additionally, you have access to supplementary articles that are only available on the platform. The service is simple to access through an app or web browser on a variety of devices, including TVs, mobile devices, and laptops.

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