Elton John Divorce: Power Couple Elton John and Husband David Furnish Are Supposed to Divorce Soon!

David Furnish and Elton John

Is There a Conflict Between Elton John and Husband David Furnish in Their Idyllic Marriage?

According to a recent New Idea investigation, their marital problems may lead to a divorce. According to an insider who spoke to the publication, the award-winning singer-songwriter and his hubby are outgrowing one another after spending so much time together.

David, a Canadian director, is “outgrowing being ‘Mr. Elton’ at this point in his life and wants his own fame and independence,” the insider claims. In addition, Elton John’s extraordinarily busy schedule and live performances have taken a toll on him.

“Elton expends so much energy when performing. He has to put so much of himself—both physically and mentally—into putting on these intense performances.” “So, it’s going to be really difficult on Elton if David is off doing his own thing and not there to provide his support.”

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In spite of the difficulties they are now experiencing, they will still need each other because the former advertising executive is apparently the only one who could keep the “Your Song” hitmaker calm. Sometimes Elton John perhaps relies too heavily on David Furnish, but other times he won’t make decisions without consulting his partner first. Mariah Carey and her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka are making their third trip down the aisle together.

How Did David Furnish and Elton John Meet?

After meeting in October 1993 at a dinner party in London, Elton and David have been together for more than 25 years and have established themselves as the first face of same-sex couples.

In an interview with Parade in 2010, the “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” singer remarked, “I wanted to meet new people, so I called a buddy in London and asked, “Could you possibly put some fresh folks together for dinner here Saturday?”

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Elton acknowledged feeling attracted to David right first, adding, “He was quite bashful and well-dressed. We ate dinner the next evening.” Despite having been together for more than a decade, they didn’t get married until 2014, the year the UK approved same-sex unions.

But in December 2005, they also became one of the first marriages in the UK. They are currently using their voices for good, particularly in support of the AIDS Foundation.

Will They Get a Divorce?

The report from New Idea should be regarded with some skepticism. Despite the fact that they even featured a photograph of Elton looking dejected, the image showed the married pair sitting next to one another, suggesting that perhaps the picture was only ever shot when they weren’t grinning. Additionally, there is no sign that their marriage is having issues.

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