Elodie Frégé & Grégory Fitoussi
Elodie Frégé & Grégory Fitoussi

Elodie Frege & Gregory Fitoussi Are In A Relationship: Officially Announced

Elodie Frégé is no longer a heart to take. Indeed, the famous singer is now in a relationship with an actor! We tell you more.
Revealed to the general public thanks to Star Academy 3 in 2003, Elodie Frégé has since established herself in French song. The one who was also sworn in the show Nouvelle Star on C8 has always been discreet about her private life.

If we knew the young 38-year-old single woman, this is now a thing of the past. Yes, the pretty blonde is in a relationship with an actor.

Elodie Frege & Gregory Fitoussi Relationship

Elodie Frege & Gregory Fitoussi

The actor she fell for rose to fame in Under the Sun. It is not about anyone other than Grégory Fitoussi.
At 44 years old, the ex of actress Anne Caillon already has a thriving cinema and television career. Viewers were recently able to find him in La Garçonne by Paolo Barzman with Laura Smet.

As people’s world is very small, Elodie Frégé and Grégory Fitoussi have known each other for a few years. However, it was only recently that they decided to give their story a chance, moving from friendship to love.

How Elodie Frege & Gregory Fitoussi

In 2015, on the set of the TV movie La Main du Mal by Pierre Aknine, the two lovebirds met. They then shared the feature film poster with JoeyStarr, a friend of Elodie Frégé. Following this experience, the young woman and Grégory Fitoussi had then kept in touch. However, their relationship had, until then, remained friendly.

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