Ellen and Portia Divorce Updates: Is Portia De Rossi and Ellen Gregorini Split up After Their Successful Marriage Rumor or Truth!

ellen and portia divorce

Ellen Lee DeGeneres From 1994 to 1998, she starred in the comedy Ellen, and from 2003 until 2022, she hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Program, a nationally syndicated talk show.

Portia Lee James DeGeneres, professionally known as Portia de Rossi, is an Australian-American actress, model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She was born Amanda Lee Rogers on January 31, 1973. General Public is her firm, and she is the founder and current CEO.

Relationship Status Between Ellen and Portia:

ellen and portia divorce

De Rossi and Gregorini split up in late 2004 when De Rossi started dating Ellen DeGeneres, whom she met backstage at an awards presentation. In interviews with Details and The Advocate in 2005, she spoke openly about her sexual orientation. DeGeneres proposed to her in 2008, and the two were engaged.

On August 16, 2008, they married in front of their moms and 17 other guests at their Beverly Hills home. De Rossi petitioned to have her name legally changed to Portia Lee James DeGeneres on August 6, 2010. On 23 September 2010, the petition was granted. In September of that year, she became a US citizen.

Ellen De Generes and Portia De Rossi Want to Be Married Openly:

According to Life & Style, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have struck a hard point in their relationship, which involves other individuals, as reported in the February 7 edition. The once-happy pair is no longer on the same page, according to an unidentified source.

“They’ve come to a new fork in their journey. This time, there are rumors that an open marriage would be tried. When Portia first said it, Ellen’s face lit up. “She was enraged with Portia for even proposing it,” the anonymous insider claimed.

What began as a friendly chat about marital monogamy among DeGeneres and de Rossi’s circle of friends apparently escalated when the Ally McBeal star stated her willingness to try it out.

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“Some claimed to have thought about having an open marriage, while others said they were willing to give it a shot. The subject piqued Portia’s interest. Ellen, on the other hand, was horrified. ‘Why to get married at all then?’ she wonders. “Things became extremely heated,” stated the anonymous person. Ellen DeGeneres claimed that she has been bunking with the former “Friends” actress because she recently sold her Beverly Hills home, putting to rest any marital woes with Portia de Rossi.

Reason for Their Divorce:

ellen and portia divorce

The talk show host claims on Thursday’s broadcast of “Ellen,” “I’m not experiencing marital problems.” “I don’t live with Courteney Cox because I’ve been evicted from my residence.” While Cox was glad to have DeGeneres stay with her for a while, she isn’t satisfied with the “Finding Dory” star’s behavior.

“Because you’re my style guru, I was worried about you staying because I haven’t updated it yet.” “It’s been a year since I’ve been there,” Cox says. “I got it cleaned by a professional.” So you’d have your space in the drawers, I pulled everything off the right side of the bathroom. I was simply anticipating your arrival.”

The star of “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” then dispatched her secretary to check on DeGeneres, only to discover that she had made herself at home. Ellen DeGeneres said that she has been living with Courteney Cox since she just sold her Beverly Hills house.

“And then it was like, ‘Wait a minute,'” she says. ‘Elena’s toothbrush is with me!’ ‘Well, where’s my makeup?’ I said as she opened the drawer. Cox reflects on the situation. “So, you’re basically a bad roommate.” You’ve taken over both mine and your sides.”

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DeGeneres responds, “It was Portia who seized control of your side.” “There’s only one side to me.” One night, she just happened to be there.” “My make-up is still there, and it was only one toothbrush on that side,” DeGeneres informed Cox.

The Comedian Denies the Divorce Allegations:

The funny woman then said that the rumors are ridiculous because there’s not an ounce of truth to them.

“I’m very happily married. In fact, the only thing we ever argue about is who loves who more. That is all. It really is true. And we argue if we’d let a kangaroo carry us around in its pouch for a year. I would. She wouldn’t. She’ll change her mind. Who wouldn’t want to be in the pouch of a kangaroo for a year? Hopping around. And she’s like ‘no’ but anyway,” she said.

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