Eco friendly Diwali
Eco friendly Diwali

Eco Friendly Diwali: How to Celebrate It Environment Friendly?

Indians celebrate Diwali with joy and excitement as it is their major festival. It is called the festival of light and fun and a symbol of victory of good over evil. It is an excellent time to celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali so that nature can be preserved. Small steps towards securing the environment are the right way and beginning it on such a good occasion is even better.

How to celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali?

Eco friendly Diwali
Eco friendly Diwali

1. Organize And Celebrate In A Community Or Society

Community celebration is much better than celebrating within a smaller circle or family. Celebrating with each other and having communal events on Diwali without harming the environment is a better way. It does not cost much to hold such events and gather and enjoy festivals together.

2. Limit Your Celebration

Celebrating a festival is good but overdoing it is terrible. For instance, bursting crackers on Diwali is a trend, and people and kids burst a lot of high decibel crackers. Kids have problems with high noise-making crackers, so does the adult. Noise pollution is the foremost important thing that can affect newborn kids or people with health issues. So is air pollution. So reduce the time to burst crackers.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Decoration

Decorate the house using flowers and other recyclable things and not with plastic and other things. Use flower made rangoli. Avoid crackers and switch to those made of papers and others that are allowed by the Pollution Board.

4. Use Of Earthen Lamp

Decorate the house with diyas instead of Chinese lamps. They use oil to lighten up the house and are completely eco friendly. Using diyas will increase the beauty of the house, and they don’t add up to the electricity bill, so they are eco friendly.

5. Go Organic This Time

Gift organic products this time. Since people have become health conscious, they are going for organic products and people always gift each other with various things on Diwali, and A simple change can help people opt to eco-friendly Diwali. Use less plastic products to avoid littering and reduce waste.

6. Gifting Products

This one is an extensive option from gifting Organic products to gifting plants to using different papers or clothes and other options to give them an ethnic look.

7. Donate Things

Donation can be an excellent way to bring joy and smile to those who don’t have money to buy stuff. People can always donate gifts like toys, food, clothes and other things that can make their festival a bit better.

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It is critical time we realise that we need to save the environment and enjoy celebrating festivals without harming our nature. The term Green Theme has been spreading all around the world and awareness about how to protect nature. Eco Friendly Diwali is the main focus right now. With Covid situation as well all over the world, be safe and enjoy a prosperous Diwali.

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