Easy Treezy Shark Tank Updates 2022: Did Easy Treezy Break Any Deal On Shark Tank?-Check Here To Know!

easy treezy shark tank

What Is Easy Treezy, Exactly?

Easy Treezy is a Christmas tree and accessory business that seeks to make holiday decorating as simple as possible. The trees are made up of a series of collapsible cones that can be quickly popped up or down in less than 60 seconds.

Easy Treezy trees come in a variety of pre-lit and pre-decorated arrangements as if that wasn’t easy enough.

Who Is the Founder of Easy Treezy?

easy treezy shark tank

Easy Treezy was created by Kurt Stange, a Chippewa Falls local. Stange is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company while still a University of Miami student. After graduating in 2005, he sold that company and started another called Miami Christmas Lights.

This still-running business designs and installs large-scale Christmas light displays for commercial clients. Kurt uses Christmas trees that are simple to put together in his displays. People who had seen him over the years regularly asked why they couldn’t have trees at home like the ones in his presentations.

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He took their advice and built Easy Treezy. With the help of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization in South Florida, a business mentorship and networking group, he was able to effectively manage the offshore manufacturing process and produce Easy Treezy Christmas Trees.

Foldable cones that stack on top of each other make form the tree. On the outside of each cone are fake pine needles, lights, and, in some cases, ornaments. It’s easier to make Treezy trees than it is to make “Santa can eat a cookie.” Depending on the additions you choose, trees might cost anywhere from $279 to $899. The item is now available on Amazon.

What Happened to Easy Treezy’s Pitch on Shark Tank?

Kurt joins the Tank in exchange for a 10% interest in the firm for $400,000. He described and showed the functioning of his organization. This translates to a $4 million price tag. Depending on the size, it costs between $299 and $799.

The trees are appealing to the Sharks, but they are out of their price range. According to the Sharks, Kurt failed to comply with an $8 million order from the Department of Homeland Security.

Despite the fact that the company expects to earn $2.2 million this year, many sharks were turned off by the company’s high price point of several hundred dollars per tree.

“This tree isn’t going to sell for $700.” Before departing, Kevin O’Leary declared, “It’s not going to happen.” Lori Greiner concurred and also dropped out of the race.

Mark Cuban also resigned after advising the entrepreneur that his digital marketing approach, which only contained $120,000 for online commercials, didn’t meet his expectations.

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The valuation was contested by Robert Herjavec. He stated, “In order for me to give you $400,000, I’d have to own 40% of it.” “If you’re prepared to entertain it, I’m willing to make that offer.”

Kurt countered with $400,000 for 25%, but Robert refused to move from his offer of 40%, therefore no deal was reached in the end.

What Happened to Easy Treezy After the Shark Tank Pitch?

This company is still in business and sells on Amazon. As of June 2021, the company’s annual revenue is $1 million.

Easy Treezy Net Worth:

Kurt joins the Tank in exchange for a 10% interest in the firm for $400,000. He described and showed the functioning of his organization. This translates to a $4 million price tag.


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