DynoSafe Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to DynoSafe After $150,000 Robert Herjavec Shark Tank Deal?

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DynoSafe is a smart safe with temperature control that was shown on Shark Tank Season 12. You might be wondering what happened to Eric and Rebecca Romanucci’s firm after they had a valuable patent that led to a transaction with Robert Herjavec. After Shark Tank, here’s a DynoSafe update!

  • Entrepreneur: Eric and Rebecca Romanucci
  • Business: Temperature-controlled porch safe
  • Ask: $150,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: $150,000 for 25% equity and a Board of Directors controlled by Robert Herjavec
  • Shark: Robert Herjavec

Update on Shark Tank Dyno Safe

Eric and Rebecca have been working hard to satisfy the demand for temperature-controlled porch safes since striking a deal with Robert Herjavec. In terms of a DynoSafe update, people interested in being one of the company’s first clients can join a waiting list on the DynoSafe website. In addition, the corporation is forming agreements with delivery providers in order to reduce the number of items stolen or ruined.

Dyno Safe Was Founded by Who?

DynoSafe Shark Tank Updates

DynoSafe’s creator and CEO is Rebecca Romanucci. Rebecca, a former nurse, created the safes and established the company. For DynoSafe, she has many patents, including one for “AI interaction with robotic/electric delivery devices, vehicles, and drones.”

Clients can only use the safes to accept deliveries at their homes in a secure manner. They may be configured to deliver meals at a specific temperature and dissuade porch pirates. A bespoke app was used to control everything. Simply submit your order online and add the unique delivery code for specific instructions in the box.

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To prevent the merchandise from being stolen, the delivery person inputs the code to unlock the DynoSafe and then shuts the lid. If you place a food delivery order, you may also use the app to adjust the temperature of the box. When your delivery has been completed and everything is in order, the app will notify you.

The product is in pre-revenue status as of its inaugural air date. You may join their waitlist by filling out a form on their website. The gadget was built with the goal of helping injured soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Rebecca devised this technique to help those who have trouble navigating crowded stores and prefer to have their purchases delivered.

What Happened to Dyno Safe’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Eric and Rebecca Romanucci aim to complete a deal for DynoSafe, their climate-controlled lockbox for home-delivered valuables, in Shark Tank episode 1220. They’d want to enlist the help of a Shark to bring it to life. Eric and Rebecca went on Shark Tank with the hopes of receiving a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 15% stake in their $1 million company.

They explain how it works and provide personal examples. They’re working on a prototype currently, and the technology that drives it has been patented. Some Sharks are interested in using an interactive app. Kevin felt certain that he would be able to license the technology. He proposes $150,000 in return for a 40% stake in the firm.

Robert stated he would pay $150,000 for 25% equity shares in exchange for a seat on the board and the option to pick additional board members. Mark will serve on the board of directors as well. Eric and Rebecca come to an arrangement and walk away from the pitch.

What Happened to Dyno Safe After Shark Tank?

DynoSafe Shark Tank Updates

Although there is no indication that this contract was completed as of the initial re-run of this episode, the two exited the pitch with a deal on 7/9/2021. Because it’s been less than three months since the planned air date, the arrangement might still be in the works. On the company’s website, the item is still available for pre-order.

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