Do Amore Shark Tank Updates: Why Mark Cuban Rejected a “Shark Tank” Business that Generates Millions of Dollars?

do amore shark tank

Do Amore is a retailer of high-end goods and jewelry that appears in Shark Tank season thirteen episode sixteen. This company sells ethically made handcrafted wedding and engagement rings. The extremely old company Do Amore was founded in the US in 2013.

Do Amore’s founders, Shipra & Krish, have asked for $600,000 in exchange for 7% of the company’s stock in Shark Tank. This business sells social products, wedding bands, and engagement rings directly to customers, which lowers the price and helps consumers choose an inexpensive ring.

do amore shark tank

The jewelry market is very large, and there are many companies in it. Accordingly, if we go by the market value of the jewelry sector, it was USD323.98 billion in 2020. Due to the increasing popularity of jewelry among consumers, this business is expanding quickly.

Do Amore Shark Tank Update

Company Name Do Amore
Founder Krish Himmatramka
Product engagement and wedding ring company
Asked For $600,000 for 7% Equity
Final Deal Robert Herjavec
Shark $600,000 for 12% Equity
Episode (Shark Tank USA) Season 13 Episode 16
Business Status In Business
Net Worth $5 Million *Approx

What Is Jewelry by Do Amore?

Jewelry by Do Amore A 2013 Houston, Texas, US-based startup also offers ethically sourced, handcrafted rings in addition to manufacturing engagement and wedding bands. This item is produced in the USA using recycled precious metals.

Their gemstones and diamonds are devoid of conflict. Therefore, the name Do Amore, which is Latin for “I give with love,” means to spread love. Companies with zero to low carbon emissions include Do Amore, Vrai, Brilliant Earth, and Clean Origin.

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The majority of their ancient gold and platinum rings are formed through recycling, and the stones they have were created in a lab. It contains a variety of ring types, including solitaire, side stone, halo, vintage-inspired, engagement, wedding, women’s, and men’s rings.

Who Is the Founder of Do Amore?

do amore shark tank

Do Amore is a startup with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and an American named India Krish Himmatramka founded it. The founder, Himmatramka, learned about the ethical problems with the jewelry industry when looking for an engagement ring for his partner. To his knowledge, he recycled gold and diamonds to create a ring for each of his women. He established Do Amore businesses in 2013 to address this issue.

His mechanical engineering studies for his B.S. were completed at the University of Texas at Austin. He spent several years working as an engineer for Procter & Gamble, BP, and Shell. After that, in 2012, he launched The Great Canvas Startup, which shut down in 2014.

Before Shark Tank, Perform Amore Jewelry

Soon after its introduction, this jewelry firm produced revenues of $2.2 million. After that, he gave over a thousand people in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal access to safe and clean water. According to the founder, “My Goal Was Simple: It Is Possible To Bring Clean Water To Many People In Need.”

Shipra, Himmatram’s wife, participates in the work of this development, therefore Forbes published on them in 2017.

What Happened to Do Amore After Shark Tank?

This high-end brand was already producing excellent sales. This company is well-known since it serves as an NGO. Its founder offers access to safe and clean water so that people can avoid contracting any diseases from drinking the water.

He was profiled in numerous well-known news magazines as a result of his efforts. Many individuals use this brand’s products for their wedding bands. Following Shark Tank, its fame grew even further, and by 2022, a large number of individuals were familiar with this company.

Did Do Amore Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Himmatramka, the founder of Do Amore, had a strong pitch to the sharks after appearing on Shark Tank. He made this claim by using his brand to provide people with safe and clean water.

His inspirational story greatly inspired all of the sharks. Following this, the founder requested that Shark invest $600,000 in his business in exchange for a 7 percent stock stake. In return for a 12 percent equity stake in the venture, Robert Herjavec contributed $600,000 to it.

Where Can You Get Jewelry by Do Amore?

You can only find this Do Amore jewelry on their official website if you’re interested in purchasing it. The price range for this item is $250 to $50,000. You can choose an economical ring regardless of your financial situation.

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You won’t encounter any troubles with fake goods because every one of their products is accompanied by an originality certificate. The product’s link is provided below; use it to purchase it.

What Is the Do Amore Net Worth?

Do Amore’s Net Worth Is Determined By Its Current Valuation, Which Is $5 Million But given the pace at which it is expanding, it may someday establish itself as a popular brand. The founder Krish Himmatramka’s net worth is based on the percentage of his own business that is currently valued. Do Amore’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

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