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David Boies files defamation suit against Dershowitz over Epstein ties – Industry Insider

David Boies files defamation suit against Dershowitz over Epstein ties – Industry Insider
Lawyer David Boies is suing fellow lawyer and emeritus Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz for defamation, marking a new phase in the war between them and in Dershowitz's legal fallout over his association with Jeffrey Epstein.Boies represented Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein accuser, in her own defamation lawsuit against Dershowitz. Giuffre said Dershowitz had sex with her when…
  • Attorney David Boies is suing fellow licensed skilled and emeritus Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz for defamation, marking a brand fresh section within the struggle between them and in Dershowitz’s real fallout over his affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Boies represented Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein accuser, in her comprise defamation lawsuit against Dershowitz. Giuffre said Dershowitz had intercourse alongside with her when she became underage. Dershowitz denied it and known as her a liar, which Giuffre says quantities to defamation.
  • Dershowitz successfully convinced a judge to kick Boies off the case. But Boies is now not in actuality done. He’s accusing Dershowitz of defaming him by alleging he convinced Giuffre to form up the allegations.
  • Dershowitz and his licensed skilled advised Insider that Boies is factual upset he became kicked off the case. They are saying they blueprint to make inform of the lawsuit to publicize Boies’s ties to Theranos and Harvey Weinstein, which he has additionally defended.
  • Within the interim, Giuffre’s case against Dershowitz is transferring forward with a brand fresh extremely effective licensed skilled, Charles Cooper.
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Alan Dershowitz’s real battles over one amongst Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers has entered a brand fresh section.

The licensed skilled and emeritus Harvard professor is facing a brand fresh defamation lawsuit from fellow licensed skilled David Boies, who Dershowitz successfully got kicked off a separate defamation case engaging his accuser, Virginia Giuffre.

Giuffre, one amongst the first ladies folks to publicly accuse Epstein of sexual misconduct, alleges that Dershowitz repeatedly had intercourse alongside with her in Epstein’s residences within the 2000s. Dershowitz became chums with Epstein within the gradual Nineties and early 2000s, and became a member of the true team that got Epstein most effective a immediate penitentiary stint after he pleaded guilty to negate prices of soliciting a minor for prostitution in 2008.

Dershowitz denies Giuffre’s misconduct allegations. He says Boies cooked them up as section of a bigger place apart to purchase Dershowitz down and extort money from Leslie Wexner, the billionaire owner of Victoria’s Secret who became shut to Epstein for a long time.

Boies has prolonged denied Dershowitz’s claims. And in his fresh lawsuit, he says they quantity to defamation.

“Defendant has been the prolonged-time buddy and licensed skilled for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein; he has additionally been personally accused below oath by two ladies folks of sexually abusing them when they had been young,” Boies writes in his lawsuit. “To like the skill to distract attention from his comprise misconduct, Defendant has engaged in a campaign to assault and vilify every of the attorneys who like represented his victims.”

An particular person shut to Wexner denied that any extortion attempt became made. In fresh months, Wexner has distanced himself from Epstein, accusing him of stealing $46 million from him.

Dershowitz says Boies is factual looking to salvage revenge

On a separate entrance, Dershowitz is composed battling Giuffre’s lawsuit in a federal court in Fresh York. With Boies representing her, she additionally sued Dershowitz for defamation in April, alleging that his claims that she is a liar quantity to defamation.

Dershowitz has fought the lawsuit in both the press and in court. In October, he successfully persuaded the judge to boot Boies and his law firm from the case because he planned to name Boies himself as a peek if it went to trial. Dershowitz has additionally filed extra than one bar complaints against Boies so as to salvage him disbarred on ethical grounds. Boies is a controversial figure in his comprise magnificent, in section for looking to quash the Wall Avenue Journal’s reporting on Theranos and attempting to shut down reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse.

jeffrey epstein ghislaine

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2005.

Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan by Getty Pictures

Arthur Aidala, one amongst Dershowitz’s attorneys in both the Giuffre and Boies cases — and who, in a abnormal twist of destiny, additionally represents Harvey Weinstein — advised Insider that Boies filed the lawsuit because he is upset about being kicked off the Giuffre case.

“The lawsuit filed by David Boies is a petty transfer reeking of private animus,” Aidala said. “Alan is able to fight and aggressively defend against this lawsuit. We are in a position to love the chance to guage discovery at as soon as from Boies, and it entirely opens the door to exploring all concerns engaging Boies’ actions bearing on Virginia Giuffre and others.”

Attorney David Boies arrives with his consumer Virginia Giuffre for listening to within the criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein, who died this month in what a Fresh York Metropolis medical examiner ruled a suicide, at Federal Court docket in Fresh York, U.S., August 27, 2019.

Virginia Giuffre and David Boies.
Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Dershowitz said he welcomes the lawsuit, and plans to make inform of it to quiz Boies about his work for Theranos, Weinstein, and the “slut-shaming” lawsuit against novelist Emma Cline.

Boies has reportedly employed Sad Cube, a non-public intelligence firm, to peruse on ladies folks accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse and the journalists investigating their allegations. Dershowitz says the self-discipline is magnificent recreation for questioning on the stand. He additionally maintains that Boies sought hush money from Wexner.

“Fortunately, fact is a defense against defamation, and we’re going to prove that everything I said about him is real, and what he has said about me is unsuitable,” Dershowitz advised Insider. “He has unfolded a Pandora’s box that endangers him and his law firm. I welcome the chance for the public to within the destroy learn the unhappy fact about Boies and his firm.”

Giuffre additionally has a brand fresh top-tier licensed skilled representing her

Without Boies at her facet, Giuffre’s lawsuit is composed advancing.

Her fresh real team entails Charles Cooper, the high-powered conservative licensed skilled who’s additionally representing John Bolton within the impeachment probe into President Donald Trump, and who represented Jeff Sessions right thru the Russia investigation. Two varied attorneys from his firm, Haley Proctor and Michael Kirk, are additionally on her team.

jeff intervals charles cooper

Charles Cooper and Jeff Sessions in 2017.
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Dershowitz filed a prolonged rebuttal to her normal lawsuit on Thursday, denying that he made any defamatory statements about her and accusing Giuffre of defamation.

Cooper known as the claims “faded.”

Giuffre has additionally pushed to withhold Epstein’s feeble buddy Prince Andrew of Britain guilty. She has accused him of having intercourse alongside with her when she became 17 — claims that Buckingham Palace denies. Giuffre advised “60 Minutes” in a fresh interview that Prince Andrew need to “stride to penitentiary.”

“I became trafficked to varied billionaires. I became trafficked to varied politicians,” she said. “They need to be named and they need to be shamed. What they’ve done is horrific.”

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