Cool Wazoo Shark Tank Update 2022: What Happened to Changing Pad After Shark Tank?

cool wazoo shark tank

What Is Cool Wazoo, Exactly?

Cool Wazoo is a five-in-one baby cover that may be used as a diaper changing pad, high chair cover at restaurants, grocery cart cover, car shade, or bucket swing seat insert.

Who Is the Founder of Cool Wazoo?

The Cool Wazoo was founded in 2009 by Ginelle Mills, a mother and company owner. Prior to starting her own agency, Ginelle worked as a project director at Cooper Roberts Research, supporting large food companies with product testing on potential customers.

cool wazoo shark tank

Ginelle came up with the Cool Wazoo when visiting a park with her daughter and seeing that a metal park swing had burned her daughter’s skin. While looking for a way to cover the swing, Ginelle noticed that her diaper bag was stuffed with various plastic covers, including a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover, a vehicle shade, and a changing pad.

Ginelle came up with the concept for The Cool Wazoo after seeing a useful and strong five-in-one product that could be folded and packed easily in a diaper bag. Ginelle designed the Cool Wazoo to save time and money for busy parents. The Cool Wazoo, unlike other baby items that are only excellent for a few months, is both large and robust, enabling it to grow with your child. Its goal is to make child-raising and parenting easier and safer.

What Happened to Cool Wazoo at The Shark Tank Pitch?

Ginelle Appears on Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 8 Looking for $65,000 in Exchange for A 25% Share in Cool Wazoo. This Translates to A $325,000 Price Tag. She Requires the Funds to Acquire Inventory, but She Frightens the Sharks Away by Admitting that She Has Already Invested $96,000 in The Company.

Lori Inquires About the Number of Orders, to Which Ginelle Responds that She Had Received Around $14,000 in Sales at The Time. Ginelle Informed Him that She Had Made $20,000 the Year Before. She Said that Her Low Figure Stemmed from A Shortage of Merchandise.

In the United States, a Cool Wazoo Costs $30 per Unit.

cool wazoo shark tank

Ginelle Mentioned that Each Piece Will Be Sold Separately. the Cost Is $65.95. Robert Asked if She Worked in The Wholesale Business. Ginelle’s Wholesale Price Was $32.50, According to Her. Mark Left, Claiming that She only Made $2.50 per Wholesale Item.

Robert Expressed His Uncertainty About Joining Ginelle on Her Incredible Journey. He Went Away After Stating that It Was Not for Him. Mr. Wonderful Is Also out Because He Has No Idea What It Is Supposed to Be.

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Daymond Has Withdrawn Since He Thinks He Has Nothing to Add. Lori Enjoys Ginelle, but She Is Hesitant About the Product, so She Exits. Mark Refuses to Pay for Ginelle’s Business Education and Therefore Withdraws. When All of The Sharks Are Eliminated, Ginelle Breaks Down in Tears. She Bares Her Soul on The Sacrifices She’s Made in Order to Grow Her Company.

Lori’s Emotions Are Touched by The Emotional Pitch, and She Responds with A $65 K Offer for 25%. Lori Went on To Say that She Would Help Cut the Cost and Learn How To Create It More Effectively. Lori Is Optimistic that They’ll Be Able to Work Things Out. the Two Females Clasp in A Tender Embrace.

What Happened to Cool Wazoo After the Shark Tank Pitch?

cool wazoo shark tank

Lori’s Contract Never Got Finished. Ginelle’s Website, Which Was Revamped After Her Involvement and Now Features a Shopify Ecommerce Store, Continued to Sell in The Immediate Aftermath of The Event.

The Website and Business Facebook Page Haven’t Changed Much, Which Is Likely Due to Ginelle’s Trade Fair Attendance. Cool Wazoo Had an Exhibit at The San Francisco International Buyers Show in February.

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In September 2015, She Licenced the Product to Kids 2, Who Distributes It as Comfort and Harmony in Babies R Us Stores. the Specifics of The Licencing Agreement Were Not Made Public. In March 2020, She Created Box Parties, a Virtual Baby Shower Business.

Cool Wazoo’s Net Worth:

Ginelle Appears on Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 8 Looking for $65,000 in Exchange for A 25% Share in Cool Wazoo. This Translates to A $260,000 Price Tag. Accepting Lori’s Offer of $65,000 for A 25% Ownership, Increasing the Total Worth to $260,000.


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