Constantine Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Official Trailer

Constantine Season 2
Constantine Season 2

Constantine season 2 has not happened because NBC canceled the show. But it could happen again if Legends of Tomorrow does well on CW.

It is time for the CW to start thinking about John Constantine’s future. This means that they will have to bring back his solo series when it ends on The Waverider.

There is another new Disney show coming soon. The Mandalorian!

Constantine is about a magician named John Constantine and was created in 1984. The story is by comics legend Alan Moore and the artwork is done by Stephen R. Bissett, and John Totlben.

John Constantine is a person who studies demons. He has starred in his own comic, Hellblazer. His popularity caused a 2005 movie to be made about him, which was played by Keanu Reeves.

Constantinos magic is strong. He even has magic on TV. To be successful, he had to change and have different versions of his show for the different networks. The Mayur network decided to stop airing the second season of Constantine. It only aired for a short time.

Why Constantine’s show Was Canceled By NBC

NBC canceled the show after 8 episodes. People don’t watch anything live, so NBC showed the first season in a different way and put it on late at night.

NBC canceled the show. It had a lot of views, but not many people watched it live.

FOX decided not to air the nine episodes of Season 1. When the show got back from hiatus, they moved it to a new time slot. But this didn’t make ratings better.

In Arrow, Constantine appeared in one episode. He got permission from DC comics to appear because it was a one-time thing.

But instead of just a one-shot, the door opened wide to John Constantine. The continuation of his NBC digital series was made part through Ascot Studios and MBPix Entertainment (the same team behind Seed), with Matt Ryan voicing his signature character in Seed: City of Demons. The villainous demonologist was in one episode of The Legend of Tomorrow season 3. They did not match up with the heroes facing a magical threat named Mallus.

The CW announced that Matt Ryan will play in a series regular role on Arrow. In the show Constantine there are two seasons.

Will Constantine Return for Season 2?

John Constantine’s appearance on The Legends of Tomorrow changed the show. This season is about a team of people who travel through time to fight supernatural nuisances and a demon with an old grudge against their new arch-enemy, Neron.

In other words, the British guy found new dimensions to be funny against Sara Lance, Mick Rory, Ray Palmer, and Zari Tomaz. Yet John Constantine is not the type of person who will always win.

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Some people like the show and are waiting for it to come back. The show is not on a magic channel anymore, but we will still see it.

As well as his friends, Constantine can bring other DC magical creatures to the Arrowverse. These include Felix Faust, Dr. Occult, and Baron Winters. Even Spector has come over from the DC Universe.

Though the CW didn’t come back to us with a renewal for season 2 of Constantine, they might have given it to someone else in order for them to produce it.

Hopefully, the CW will give fans of John Constantine their desired season 2 after it forced him off Legends of Tomorrow in order to appease women.

DC’s Constantine Season 2 Release Date

So far, DC Films and Warner Bros. have not announced a date that ‘Constantine’ season 2 will be released.

The release date for the movie is not yet set. The movie will come out when it starts being made.

Constantine Season 2 Cast

If the 2nd season of Constantine happens, Keanu Reeves will probably come back. He has wanted to play the character again and has already gone back on a previous franchise by playing Norman Bates in Psycho 3-D: The Beginning for American Horror Story.

In an interview about the production of Constantine Season 2, actor Peter Stormare said Lucifer will also be in the show. No other actors announced their participation at that time.

You can watch season 2 of the show Constantine on TV.

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Constantine 2 Director & Producer

Constantine is a movie. It is the sequel to Constantine which came out in 2005. The first movie was based on Hellblazer, a comics series published by DC Comics.

The director of the second season was Francis Lawrence.

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Constantine Season 2 Official Trailer

No trailer for the second season of Constantine has been released. It is expected to come out with the movie but we will keep you updated on that. Until then, check out the first season!

We will post the information we know about Constantine Season 2 as soon as we learn more.


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