Clark Olofsson Wife: How Did They Meet?

Clark Olofsson Wife
Clark Olofsson Wife

Clark, a riveting Netflix crime drama series directed by Jonas Kerlund, follows the life and exploits of iconic Swedish gangster Clark Olofsson. Clark is a six-part Swedish Netflix series based on Clark Olofsson’s memoirs.

Viewers will receive an inside peek at Olofsson’s life from his childhood to the present day, as well as information on his wife. In the 1960s, the renowned thug rose to popularity and became one of Sweden’s most controversial criminals.

Clark has spent more than half of his life in prison after being convicted of multiple offences ranging from narcotics trafficking to assault. After his role in the infamous Norrmalmstorg robbery in 1973, Olofsson is credited with coining the well-studied psychological term Stockholm Syndrome.

Clark Olofsson’s Wife Marijke Demuynck: How Did They Meet?

Clark Olofson was in and out of prison in Sweden and Belgium for a series of drug trafficking offences between the 1990s and the 2010s. Clark Olofsson met his wife, Marijke Demuynck, aged 19, on a train in a German station in 1976.

Marijke Demuynck is Clark’s wife’s name. Clark had escaped from the Norrköping prison and robbed a bank in Copenhagen at the time he met his future wife Marijke, and he was on the run from the cops.

Marijke prefers to keep her personal life private, however, she currently resides in Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium, and works as a supervisor, as far as we know.

Marije grew up in a wealthy family because her father was the director of Philips, an internationally renowned electronics business. She and Clark fell in love and stayed in touch after their initial meeting.

Clark and his wife married in a short ceremony at Sweden’s Kumla Prison, where he was incarcerated for robbing the Handelsbanken in Gothenberg on August 12, 1976.

Clark Olofsson proposed to Madiorie Britmer on July 7, 1967, despite his criminal history and the fact that he had two daughters with separate girlfriends before marriage.

He is claimed to have been embraced by Marijke. While most of this is correctly depicted in the series, there is one exception: while the couple has two children on-screen, they actually have three sons named David, Donegal, and Dorian, as well as two daughters from before his marriage.

Clark changed his name to Daniel Demuynck and married Marijke after being released from prison in October 1991. They purchased a 16-room house in the Belgian countryside, 80 km from Brussels.

The couple and their sons most likely resided there until he was arrested in 1998 for narcotics smuggling. Clark states that while incarcerated, he made sure the sons and his wife had a normal life. In a May 2000 interview, he stated that his children were finishing their education in Belgium.

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Clark Olofsson divorced Marijke Demuynck in 1999, and he later married Angelique, with whom he has a son. Clark Olofsson revealed in an interview in April 2018, just a few months before his final release from prison, that he and Marijke are still in contact and that they talk on the phone frequently.

Marijke prefers to keep her personal life private, therefore there aren’t many details about Clark’s wife available right now. She currently resides in Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium, and works as a supervisor, as far as we know.

Clark’s ex-wife, Marijke, is a talented photographer who enjoys sharing her work on the internet. Clark also said that his sons stayed in daily phone contact with him and visited him frequently during his day releases prior to his release. He also discussed the children’s childhood.

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Clark and Marijke’s eldest son is a well-known composer and pianist who tours Belgium with his Viking Trio ensemble. Dorian and Donegal keep their personal life private and don’t appear to be social media users. It’s also unclear whether they’ve kept in touch with their father. And the specifics of his daughter with his first wife are still unclear.


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