Cj so Cool Net Worth: American YouTuber Income, Career and Other Updates!


Cordero James Brady, often known by his stage as CJ So Cool, is an American YouTuber and recording artist.

He even conducts popular try not to laugh tasks on YouTube. Even more, criticism has been leveled against him for his content.

Deals with firms prepared to pay tens of thousands of dollars for product marketing enable CJ to generate additional cash from sponsored films. He has worked with businesses such as Seat Geek.

He also streams frequently on Twitch, where he has over 100,000 followers. There, he generates income from donations, monthly fee-paying subscribers, and advertising.

Early Years

Cordero James Brady was born in Las Vegas on March 29, 1989, as a native of Gary, Indiana. With his brother Anthony Jinx Brady, Cordero grew up in a chaotic atmosphere.

early life

Concerned about his parents, he has never received sufficient care and affection because his mother became a heroin addict and his father perished in prison. Jinx Brady is also a great YouTuber, and he has assisted CJ Cool in achieving his impressive career goals.

CJ obtained his education at the Theodore Roosevelt High School in his hometown. He continued his education at William A. Wirt High School, where he received his diploma.

After completing his education, Cordero joined the navy and was assigned to the presidential guard at age 19. He went on to study criminology at Pursue University. However, he left college in 2012 to seek employment and support his family.

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During his early years, CJ So Cool worked as a dealer for blackjack, craps, and poker. As soon as he joined the YouTube community in 2014, however, he never looked back and created a significant number of reaction and prank videos.

Due to his hilarious films, he was getting a great deal of notoriety, but he was also receiving a great deal of criticism for creating content that was not at all humorous.


In 2015, he created a video in which he added laxatives to children’s lunch and continued recording as the child used the restroom painfully. He was criticized for this cruel conduct.

His YouTube account was hacked in 2020, and the culprit erased 1033 of his videos. However, YouTube was able to recover and re-upload his 700 videos within one week.

He is receiving a great deal of criticism, yet his YouTube fans are growing exponentially. He is now creating a video on his family. He has also performed several songs, including “So Cool Anthem,” “Bag Chasing,” “Memories,” “For Clout,” and “Love Us Now.”

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Net Worth

CJ So Cool is one of the most popular YouTube stars and musicians in the United States. In 2022, CJ So Cool has a net worth of $6 Million.

He is well-known for broadcasting his luxurious lifestyle on YouTube, and his entire family has participated in this lifestyle.

Amazing content, such as vlogs and viral videos, helped him achieve popularity.

Deals with firms prepared to pay tens of thousands of dollars for product marketing enable CJ to generate additional cash from sponsored films.

Personal Life

CJ SO COOL wed his long-term partner Royalty. In 2020, the couple welcomed twin girls Cordero Jr. and Cordayah.


Camari is CJ’s daughter from a previous relationship. He is also the stepfather to Royalty’s children from a previous relationship, Karnation, Leonidas, and J’aaliyah.

His videos demonstrate his deep affection for his family. Currently, the majority of his movies are recorded with his family, and his care and affection for them are clear in those videos.

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