Cindy Kimberly Surgery: Before and After Pictures of Cindy Kimberly’s Nose Surgery

A model and social media star, Cindy Kimberly is 23 years old. On November 16, 1998, she was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She gained notoriety as a result of Justin Beiber posting a picture of her on his Instagram account along with the message “OMG who is this!!.”

The model attracted attention for her highly international appearance, which appeals to a broad spectrum of audiences and followers. Her social media updates and images show her strong influence and personality.

Fans, however, are interested to learn more about her plastic surgery as speculations have also been circulating. To learn more about her plastic surgery, including a before and after photo, continue reading.

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Has Cindy Kimberly had any cosmetic procedures? Most people think that plastic surgery, especially nose jobs, is to blame for the changes.

She voiced her frustration at having to explain to people that she hadn’t gotten a nose job. She did not, however, attempt to hide the fact that she had a lip injection.

According to Cindy’s admission, she had her lip injected to make it look significantly more appealing. And we can conclude that it was successful because Justin felt a strong attraction to her after meeting her online. The Yummy singer had no choice but to share Cindy’s picture on his Instagram page.

Cindy Kimberly Before and After Plastic Surgery

Cindy Kimberly Surgery

We can tell the change in her from the before and after photos. Cindy, have you had rhinoplasty? It appears from her before and after photos that she underwent nose surgery.

Before and After Photos of Cindy Kimberly’s Plastic Surgery from Celeb Diaries

Her nose now has a different size and shape as a result of the surgery. The skin, bone, and cartilage of Cindy Kimberly’s nose appear to have changed as a result of her operation, which also provided her with a more harmonious facial expression.

Cindy hasn’t acknowledged getting a nose job, although the effects of rhinoplasty are very obvious on her face. Photos taken before and after the procedure show the patient’s dorsum’s severe thinness and the indentation made by the surgeons’ trimming of her LR cartilages.

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In addition, Cindy’s nose, along with her top and lower lips, have changed throughout time. We can easily observe the difference between a regular lip and a larger lip by comparing before and after images.

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