Chris Evert Plastic Surgery: Tennis Legend Chris Evert’s Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures!

chris evert plastic surgery

Tennis great Christine Marie Evert, also known as Chris Evert Lloyd from 1975 to 1987, is one to remember. Even after retiring from tennis, she hasn’t left the sport. But since the 1990s, we have seen less of her.

Together with her brother John, Evert now controls the Evert Tennis Academy, which runs a high school tennis team. Are you aware that her cool, collected demeanor on the court earned her the nickname “Ice Maiden” in the tennis world?

She’s been married three times outside of court. Even though she is single and 65 years old, her fans still like her because they think she appears much younger than her actual age. In the end, they naturally think plastic surgery may have contributed to her youthful appearance. Someone claimed that Chris Evert’s alleged plastic surgery scared them and that she wasn’t aging gracefully.

The opinions of Chris Evert’s fans are the only reliable source of confirmation for the claims that she has undergone plastic surgery. That in no way constitutes confirmation. But despite the fact that she has never mentioned anything, they probably believe it is appropriate to simply conjecture.

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Many of her viewers discussed her changing appearances on online message boards, particularly Talk Tennis at Tennis Warehouse. On top of that, it has been discussed repeatedly over the years. In one of these conversations, a user reported that watching her close-up clips on TV, which suggested that she may have undergone surgery, scared them.

She was criticized for appearing too youthful for her age in another conversation. “I’m aware that she underwent some sort of hideous plastic surgery. I suppose it’s been corrected, but she doesn’t appear close to 60,” one person remarked. These arguments may come and go once more, but tabloids have also speculated that she may have undergone a facelift to achieve that look.

Evert attributed her divorce from Andy Mill, her second husband, to menopause. Given the length of their second marriage and the fact that they had three children together, Chris Evert’s second marriage to Andy Mill was the most important of her three marriages. In 1987, one year after she had filed for divorce from her first husband, John Lloyd, the two were wed.

Colton, Nicholas, and Alexander are the couple’s three children, who are all well into their 20s. The two separated after nearly 18 years of marriage, yet, according to her, they continued to be a family long after the divorce. But it’s plausible. Now that they are all adults, the children are no longer present.

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She made a suggestion in an interview in 2016 that hormonal fluctuations in her body were the reason Evert and Mill broke up. She admitted as much during her appearance on Lance Armstrong’s The Forward Podcast, “We had a tough couple of years because I married Greg Norman, who was Andy’s friend. I was going through menopause symptoms, which are experienced by women around the age of 50 but aren’t often spoken.

Evert married Norman three times, but their union lasted about 15 months in the late 2000s. She and Mill haven’t gotten married in years, but they’re still friendly and “are still a family even if we don’t live together.”

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