Chord Buddy Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened To Chord Buddy After Shark Tank?

chord buddy shark tank

What Is Chord Buddy?

Guitar and ukulele aficionados of all ages may learn to play both instruments with Chord Buddy. A guitar lesson could appear to be a torturous and terrible experience. The revolutionary self-teaching gadget from Chord Buddy easily connects to the guitar neck and reduces the discomfort and effort involved with learning.

You’ll never have to worry about these issues again since the Chord Buddy takes care of everything. Instead of wasting time focusing on your hand position and growing calluses, the Chord Buddy lets you play guitar with the push of a button.

Quick Updates on Product:

Company Name Chord Buddy
Entrepreneur Travis Perry
Product Guitar Learning System
Investment Asking For $125,000 for 10% equity of Chord Buddy
Final Deal $175,000 for 20% equity of Chord Buddy
Shark Robert Herjavec
Episode  Season 3 Episode 3
Business Status In Business

Update on The Chord Buddy Shark Tank:

chord buddy shark tank

On the unique design, there are four color-coded buttons, each with notes for one of the four most regularly utilized chords: C, D, G, and E minor. All you have to do is push the green button. You’ve just finished playing a C chord. By pushing the red button, you may make a D chord.

If you can strum and press the four buttons on the guitar, you can perform hundreds of tunes. Chord Buddy isn’t meant to be used as a crutch. As it educates, this one-of-a-kind learning system gradually removes buttons one by one.

You’ll still be able to use the other three buttons, but you’ll need to figure out where to put your fingers to play the fourth chord. Over the course of two months, you’ll gradually wean yourself off the Chord Buddy and become a self-sufficient guitarist.

Who Is Chord Buddy’s Founder?

Travis Perry, a Dothan, Alabama native, is the brains behind the Chord Buddy software. Before becoming a music educator and guitarist, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Troy University.


Perry’s narrative reveals that he was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy until he started a business that made millions of dollars. Perry teaches guitar and has heard a lot of comments from his pupils about how difficult it is to learn to play.

Some newcomers have remarked that not only does it take a long time, but it also causes discomfort to their fingertips. He, like his daughter, who was eight years old at the time, gave up the guitar for the same reasons.

Perry resolved to enhance his guitar skills after witnessing his daughter’s discomfort with the instrument, as well as that of many other newcomers. With his wide understanding of stringed instruments, he invented Chord Buddy. He started working on a device and a system that would become Chord Buddy.

Chord Buddy is a firm that sells song and lesson books, as well as accessories and DVD teaching, as well as two-month lesson plans for teachers. Perry’s guitar has turned into a rich company, as he has progressed from tempting the other sex with the instrument.

Chord Buddy Before Shark Tank:

chord buddy shark tank

When Perry’s daughter inspired him, he manufactured a product from Dothan, Alabama. Perry claims to have built a device that allows him to play guitar in real-time. People lose up learning to play the guitar, according to Travis Perry, because they are irritated and have pain in their fingers.

Travis Perry’s eight-year-old daughter has similarly indicated a wish to stop playing the guitar, prompting him to believe it is time to address the common guitar “obstacles.” Travis Perry believes it is critical to keep manufacturing and employment in the United States since his area was particularly severely impacted during the crisis.

Travis Perry also highlights the significance of giving back to the community. He also understands the value of hiring people, giving them opportunities, and creating a product that will appeal to millions of guitar fans. Travis Perry claims that he urgently requires Shark Investments because he has built a market for his products but is cash-strapped.

How Did Chord Buddy’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Travis went on Shark Tank with the hopes of receiving $125,000 for a 10% investment in Chord Buddy. It takes two months to finish this guitar instruction system.

The Chord Buddy, an instruction book, a DVD, a two-month lesson program, and a songbook with over 100 songs are all included in this basic package. Additional products can be purchased individually.

He built it to teach his daughter how to play the guitar. When Tavis debuted on Shark Tank, he had made a total of $150,000 in sales. Despite his admiration for Travis, Mark agrees to go out since he feels Travis will not be able to sell the goods on the road until he goes out.

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The other Sharks are all interested in Chord Buddy, and they all make proposals. Mr. Wonderful invests $125,000 in the firm in exchange for a 20% interest and pledges to promote it personally. Daymond John accepts the offer, bolstering his CV with a celebrity endorsement. Robert joins the fray, offering $125,000 in return for a 20% stake in the business.

Barbara is asking $175K for a 20% stake in the company, with $50,000 put aside for an infomercial. Travis admires Robert’s commitment to his family, so he asks if Robert will match Barbara’s offer. Travis and Robert agree to the agreement because he does.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Chord Buddy?

chord buddy shark tank

Chord Buddy’s potential to produce profits and income was demonstrated by the four Sharks’ bids, which practically duplicated one another. By deciding to work on ChordBuddy with Travis Perry, Robert claims he made the finest investment of his career.

ChordBuddy is still $49.95, but it may be used in conjunction with other guitars. ChordBuddy is also available on Amazon. Along with the main device, ChordBuddy also sells a number of accessories, such as gift bags and tuners.

Travis also has a YouTube account where he posts videos teaching how to play songs using the ChordBuddy.

Is Chord Buddy Still Operational?

Chord Buddy is a new company that takes Guitar Hero to the next level by making learning to play the guitar enjoyable. Customers in the United States can buy the company’s items directly from the website or through one of the company’s merchant partners. They may also be purchased on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Books, string tuners, and color-coded learning aids are among the things provided. The do-it-yourself approach is available on DVDs, and the website also provides instruction for guitar teachers to implement the methodology in classrooms.

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Customers can also enrich their education by using downloaded apps. Chord Buddy’s chief executive officer, Travis Perry, remains in place. Although there are several guitar learning programs that link straight to the instrument, Chord Buddy is the market leader.

The Guitar Hero video game series, on the other hand, is the only method for total novices to learn how to play the guitar in an exciting and interactive setting. Guitar Hero is a video game that can be played on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and comes with a choice of color-coded guitar controllers.


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