Chill Systems Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Chill Systems Cooler after Shark Tank?

Chill Systems Shark Tank Updates

What Is Chill Systems Cooler?

Chill Systems Coolers are made of recyclable materials and are lightweight and long-lasting. They have freezing gel within their walls as well as an ice chamber on the exterior to keep your drinks cool.

Chill Systems may chill 12-16 ounce cans at a time or one 750-ml wine bottle on the side with the bigger hole. Chase Mitchell and Brian Bloch, two college mates, came up with the Cool Systems concept after noticing a need for a portable and practical way to chill beverages.

Before starting their company, Chase worked as a sales associate at Google. Brian Bloch, one of the company’s co-founders, formerly worked in finance, most notably at Apple Finance. Bloch also runs a management consulting firm that focuses on startups.

Who Is the Founder of Chill Systems Cooler?

Chill Systems Cooler was established by Chase Mitchell and Brian Bloch. Prior to joining the Chill, Chase worked at Google as a sales associate. Brian has worked in finance in a number of capacities, notably at Apple Finance.

Brian is also the founder and owner of Albay Endeavors, a management consulting firm that specializes in helping start-up companies. That expertise was almost certainly crucial in the creation of Chill Systems.

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The coolers are rigid tubes that are filled with a freezing material (similar to blue ice). They all come with a carrying strap that comes in a variety of colors and designs. There’s also a bag in which your cooler may be transported. They also sell insulated cooler bags with the same no-ice feature.

Depending on the color and/or style, a chiller can cost anywhere from $49.95 to $59.95. Both the pack and the bag cost $69.95. They conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign in August of 2018 that raised $53,172.

They were able to ship by Christmas that year, but not all supporters received their packages on time. On their website, Amazon, and wholesale, they currently largely offer promotional items.

What Happened to Chill Systems Cooler at Shark Tank Pitch?

Chase Mitchel and Brian Bloch seek an investor for Chill Systems, their iceless coolers, in Shark Tank episode 1216. They’re looking for a Shark to help with inventory and retail expansion.

Chase enters the Tank with a Chill System cooler, while Brian follows with a conventional cooler and ice bag. He was “late” because he had to stop at an “inconvenient shop” to get ice, which he promptly smashes all over the floor and tosses UN the cooler at random.

They were seeking $150,000 in return for a 15% interest in their company, which was valued at $1 million. There are cold beverage samples on the Sharks’ tables. They tell Mark that their product will set him back $18 to build. They tell Lori that Ice is their major competitor.

Things just get worse from there. The Sharks aren’t convinced by the environmental argument, stating that there are more beverage-carrying coolers with built-in chillers. According to Daniel, the product isn’t self-sufficient. Their story, according to Robert, is plagued with discrepancies. Kevin firmly declares it to be a bad idea.

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There isn’t a shred of a bargain here, and the Sharks are all out. Finally, the two companions left the pitch without striking an agreement.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Chill Systems Cooler?

They abandoned the pitch without an agreement when it was aired in July 2021, little than four months after the original show date. The business continues to operate and is active on social media.

The company is still in operation as of January 2022, with yearly revenue of nearly $4 million.

Chill Systems Cooler’s Net Worth:

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $1 million; since then, the company has performed well in sales, with yearly revenue of over $4 million as of January 2022, implying that the company’s net worth should be significant.


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