Rajasthan Politics
Rajasthan Politics

Case Filed Against Sachin’s Media Manager, Will CM Gehlot Clash Again?

There may be uproar once again in the Rajasthan Politics. Actually, the issue of phone tapping has once again arisen during the case of horse-trading in Rajasthan. Again Ashok Gehlot has opened the front against Sachin Pilot. This time, the Gehlot faction has filed a case under the IT Act on the media manager of the Pilot as well as a journalist, except for the pro-pilot MLAs.

When the feud was going on between former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the news was being given by the groups of both. In this case, Jaipur Police Cyber ​​Police Station has filed a case against Sachin Pilot’s media manager, Lokendra Singh, for the allegations of tapping the phones of MLAs at the hotel in Jaisalmer on behalf of Sachin Pilot Camp.

Actually, the case is on 7th August and the case has now been registered on 6th October. There is a discussion in the political corridors about whether Ashok Gehlot is going to open the front against the Pilot again.

The Team Entered The House Without The Permission Of Sachin Pilot

Rajasthan Politics
Rajasthan Politics

Not only this, the cyber police team of Jaipur Police entered into his residence without taking permission of the Pilot and took the statement of his media manager and then filed a case. It is not so common for Surendra Pancholi, SHO of Cyber ​​Police Station to go to his residence without talking to Pilot, because Pilot is a senior Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister. Obviously, there will be some pressure on the SHO.

The case has been registered by the duty officer posted in a police control room. It is written in the FIR that the officer was doing duty in the control room on 6th August. In such a situation, he felt so bad that he went to the cyber police station and filed a case after hearing the allegations of police tapping on the Rajasthan government.

At the same time, the cyber police station, after convicting the staff of Sachin Pilot and the journalist who conducted the news, Sharath Kumar, filed a lawsuit at the MLA Puri police station.

Explain that a special SOG had filed a case against Sachin Pilot, in which Sachin Pilot was given a notice under the sedition case. After which, the Pilot revolted by getting angry. Later, after the reconciliation of the Pilot and Gehlot, the whole affair was over.

Final Words

So the questions arises, Is this going good for congress? Why there has been so much of chios in Rajasthan Politics?

Share your views whether it is going good with Sachin Pilot.

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