Carson Daly Back Surgery: Check Here Details on Carson Daly Has Back Surgery To Help Remedy Decades-Long Pain!

carson daly back surgery

Carson Jones Daly is an American television host, radio personality, producer, and television personality who was born on June 22, 1973. Prior to 2003, Daly worked as a VJ on MTV’s Total Request Live and as a DJ for 106.7 KROQ-FM in Southern California. Daly joined NBC in 2002, where he began hosting and producing the late-night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly, as well as occasionally hosting special event programming for the network, such as the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks show, and executive producing New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly from Times Square, which he began executive producing in 2003.

Quick Info About Carson:

Birth Name Carson Jones Daly
Nickname Carson, Buddha
Date of Birth June 22, 1973
Place of Birth Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Age 48 years old
Sun Sign Gemini
Profession Television Host, Radio Personality, Television Personality
Nationality American


When Did His Surgery Happen?

Carson was on location in Aspen, Colorado when the terrifying event occurred. “I was on a snowmobile being shuttled down by ski patrol at the conclusion of one of the days of shooting, and we got into, like, an accident,” he recounted. “I was knocked out, and I awoke in the snow on a toboggan, unable to feel anything below my knees, one of those very terrible moments.”

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Carson Jones Daly After Surgery Updates:

carson daly back surgery

Carson Daly returned to “Today” on Thursday after receiving a treatment that he believes would alleviate the persistent back pain he’s had since a 1990s car accident.

After taking some time off to recover from a new FDA-approved surgery called Intercept, the “Armageddon” star returned to the morning show in high spirits. The goal, according to his doctor, is to target the basivertebral nerve, which transmits pain from his back to his brain. While it may seem counterintuitive to ignore or disguise discomfort, Daly is lucky in that his back is fundamentally fine save for the occasional ache he has.

In the 1990s, Daly was on location in Aspen, Colorado, for MTV. According to “Today,” he claims he was being shuttled down a slope by ski patrol when they got into an accident. “I was knocked out, and I awoke in the snow on a toboggan, really couldn’t feel anything below my legs, one of those very terrible moments,” he recalled.

He was said to have suffered a T12 compression fracture, which meant he had not severed his spine and was still able to walk. In fact, he remained active well into his twenties. Only as he grew older did his intermittent back discomfort become more consistent. When he discovered that his discomfort was stopping him from doing things he enjoyed with his children, he decided to explore this new medication.

carson daly back surgery

With their wife Siri Daly, Daly has a 13-year-old son Jackson, as well as daughters Etta, 9, London, 7, and Goldie, 2. “[My back discomfort] had an impact on how I interacted with my family.” It has, in fact. When my children were younger, I could still pick them up. “However, one of my favorite things to do is simply get down on the ground and let them jump on me and roll about and play,” he said.

According to PEOPLE, “Today” will show a more detailed feature on the operation in the future. Daly said he believes that by sharing his story and casting a light on Intracept, others who are going through the same situation will benefit. He addressed his recent choice to speak out about mental health and use a segment of the “Today” show to promote others doing the same with the same mentality.

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“Hopefully it will benefit some people,” he added, adding that “there is some new technology out there that has absolutely helped alleviate me of some intense pains.”

Carson Daly’s Estimated Net Worth in The Year 2022:

Carson Daly has a net worth of $40 million dollars as of 2022. He earns a stunning $5 million as a salary for hosting The Voice, which adds significantly to his net worth. He co-founded 456 Enterprise and Entertainment, which releases a series of popular compilation CDs as well as his annual New Year’s Special.

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