Camping Food Hacks to Make Travelling Pleasurable!

As much as we enjoy camping, one of the difficulties associated with this activity is cooking. It is difficult to prepare meals without the convenience of a stove, oven, and counter space.

There are camping stoves that are not the same as a full-sized burner at home but help cook tasty cuisine.

Accepting that your meals may not be as warm and flavorful as home-cooked meals is part of camping. However, do not give up on camp cooking or believe you are relegated to eating MREs when adventuring in the great outdoors.

1. Bags of One Cup Coffee

Want to start the day with a cup of coffee but don’t want to bring a coffeemaker to the campsite? Fill a coffee filter with a scoop of coffee grounds and secure it with unflavored dental floss.

2. Organize Your Spices in Old Tic-Tac Containers.


You may store spices in old Tic-Tac containers. You can also use pill organisers if you don’t have any Tic-Tac containers laying around.

3. Straws that Have Been Seasoned.

You don’t want food to taste dull when cooking over a campfire, but you also don’t want to bring your entire spice cabinet. The approach is to pour little quantities of the desired seasonings into plastic straws and seal each end with a lighter. Label with a Sharpie, and you’re prepared to prepare delicious campfire food.

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4. Tin Foil Is Friend


Remember that aluminium foil is your best buddy. It makes french fries, fajitas, and fish while camping. If you don’t want to make a huge mess, be careful. Simply cover the food in aluminium foil and cook it over hot embers or fire. After cooking, simply unfold the aluminium foil and use it as a plate.

5. Breakfast in a Bottle


While attempting to prepare these fluffy treats, pancakes might result in a variety of catastrophes. Get rid of the bowl-pouring approach to make your life easier and much cleaner. Instead, use a condiment bottle such as ketchup or mustard to hold your pancake batter.

6. Stick-Formed Crescent Rolls

Take with you a canister of crescent roll dough from the grocery store. Wrap the dough around a stick and cook it over an open flame. For a more substantial snack, skewer a hot dog on a stick before wrapping it in dough and roasting.

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7. Omelets in A Bag

Eggs are among the top foods. An omelette is an excellent outdoor breakfast, especially if you have a day of trekking and adventure ahead of you. However, this can get messy. Not with our hack, absolutely not! And only a Ziploc bag and hot water are required. Add all of the ingredients to the bag, seal it, place it in the bowl of boiling water, and let the egg to poach until it has set.

8. Cook with Orange Skins


Oranges are a delicious camping food, but it’s best to eat them with the peel intact, specifically in halves. Make muffins or cinnamon rolls in these peel halves. Simply place the pre-made dough in one of the muffin halves or muffin batter, and then place the remaining muffin half on top as a cover. Place them on some aluminium foil in a cast-iron skillet over the fire, and allow them to bake while you wait.

9. Extremely Delicious Hot Dogs on a Stick

Replace the hot dog buns with these hot dogs on a stick. Insert a hot dog onto a skewer, then reach for a can of crescent rolls. Roll the dough into a long snake, and then wrap it around the hot dog. Enjoy it after cooking it over the fire for around three minutes. They are practical, delicious, and finger-licking good.

10. Warm Camping Sandwiches Encased


The simplest dish ever. Make meat and cheese sandwiches, then cover them in aluminium foil. Next, cook them until the cheese has melted. It will take approximately 5 minutes from start to finish.

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