Calming Strips Shark Tank Updates 2022: Why Robert Herjavec Withdraws Offer from Calm Strips Before Making a Deal?

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Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller presented their ground-breaking product, Calm Strips, in Season 13 Episode 13 of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” hoping for a life-altering investment. With the ability to stick to any surface, Calm Strips are a brand-new and creative approach to tactile relaxing items that can reduce anxiety. Although there aren’t many noteworthy tactile soothing products, Calm Strips’ portability and simplicity of use made them worth considering. So, here is what we discovered!

Calm Strips: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Old Dominion University awarded Michael Malkin a Bachelor of Arts in English, and he also has a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from the same institution. After earning his bachelor’s degree, Michael briefly worked as an English teacher before deciding to pursue a career in management. He has managed stores for both Dell and Apple.

On the other side, prior to joining Apple as a Specialist in November 2013, Luce Fuller worked as a Store Manager for Starbucks and an Associate Manager at Coach. Luce advanced swiftly in the ranks of the organization thanks to her skill and talent. She has held a variety of positions throughout the years, including Schedule Planner, Operations Expert, and Preservations and Operations Specialist.

She has been with Calm Strips since the company’s inception, and she currently serves in the capacity of director of public relations. Incidentally, Calm Strips was unintentionally created as a result of Michael’s work as an Apple store manager. Michael saw that his nervousness began to seep in and take control of his thoughts whenever the store became busy or loud.

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Michael tried a number of techniques to get rid of the sensation, such as drumming his fingers on the tabletop and taping his fingers together. The latter, while partially effective, left his fingers incredibly sticky and wasn’t practical. Michael was aware that his condition called for a more specialized item, such as a fidget spinner, but he decided against using one because it wasn’t as discrete as he would have liked.

Michael started experimenting with the technique and tried to enhance the product for a larger audience as carpenter’s tape worked to his satisfaction. As a result, Michael developed the idea for Calm Strips and recognized he had a marketable product. Calm Strips have a pleasing sand or river rock texture and various artworks. They are made of sturdy vinyl. The experience of rubbing the surface is quite relaxing.

As an extra advantage, the strips are extremely portable and can be carried in a pocket, worn on a lanyard or keyring, or stuck to any surface. Michael also made careful use of non-sticky glue because he remembered how the carpenter’s tape made his fingers sticky. This made the strips simple to remove and reuse, leaving no residue behind.

Where Are Calm Strips Now?

Intriguingly, Calm Strips debuted in April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and had tremendous success right away. Anxiety and sadness were at an all-time high with people cooped up in their houses, but Calm Strips was able to provide people with the instant solace they were looking for.

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The company quickly grew to new heights, and today Calm Strips has more than 125,000 happy clients in 190 countries. The business now has customers in Australia and the UK in addition to exporting to the US and Canada. They are also well-liked and highly regarded by instructors and guidance counselors in schools. The price of a pack of five reusable Calm Strips, which come in a variety of vibrant designs, is $12.99.

Additionally, the business offers packs of 30 for $49.99 and 120 for $119.99. Customers can purchase the strips directly from Amazon or the official website, where the business frequently gives discounts. It’s interesting how the business engages the public by regularly holding art competitions and publishing the winner’s artwork on fresh strips. Calm Strips is therefore poised for further popularity and success in the years to come thanks to an excellent marketing strategy and a distinctive product to support it.

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