Busy Phillips Divorce: After More than Ten Years of Marriage, Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein Have Separated

busy phillips divorce

The 42-year-old actress made the admission on Friday, May 27, episode of her podcast “Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best.”It’s been a really long time that Marc and I have been separated, and our kids know, our families know, and our friends know,” she continued.

They initially split up in February 2021, she said, and have been considering how to break the news to the public. Marc and I discussed it, and when we first got divorced, we couldn’t even consider making one of those remarks public because it made us both genuinely ill, according to Philipps. The journey is there.

After 13 years of marriage, Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein divorced. The former star of Dawson’s Creek said, “The safest way Marc and I have been able to guarantee the privacy of our kids, who we love so f—ing much, was by not involving the public.”

Honest Sayings by Busy Philipps on Motherhood, Marriage, and Other Topics Philipps, who is married to Silverstein, 50, and who has two children together, Birdie, 13, and Cricket, 8, said, “Well, we love each other very much! We also have these lovely children together. And a lot of things in our relationship work pretty well.

The Cougar Town alum, who married the filmmaker in June 2007, spoke up to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview about how the coronavirus pandemic had impacted their union before calling it quits.

It is the worst. In May 2020, Philipps remarked that being quarantined within one house was a pressure cooker and that, “I mean, I clearly couldn’t do it without him, but ugh.” Listen, it’s been a journey, like everything else, but we’ve made it a point to make sure that the other person has time to themselves.

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The actress clarified that the author of Never Been Kissed would spend his alone time “sitting outside by himself in the middle of the day” and she would refrain from texting him or interfering with his privacy by asking, “Where the spatula is that he was the last one to use?”

Her escapes consisted of daytime alone time or evening moments. I climb up to my balcony. She continued, “I call it balcony time. By the end of the year, the I Feel Pretty actress admitted to Us that returning to work had eased some of the stress that had developed in her marriage during the lockdown.

“It has been vital for me to have that time outside the house and to be outside, doing the thing that I really enjoy doing. In December 2020, she spoke exclusively to Us about how much simpler things were once Marc and she “kind of found out how to both take our own time for ourselves or breaks.” We only needed to set priorities. You must first prioritize yourself a little bit, then be willing to consider that you might need to be kind to your partner and inquire about their own priorities.

The former presenter of Busy Tonight has openly discussed her prior marital ups and downs, saying in October 2019 that she nearly left the director.

At the time, Philipps told Harper’s Bazaar, “I was fully out the door,” citing the unequal distribution of their parental obligations. We ultimately came up with our own system, which is something I wasn’t anticipating from him.

Because he enjoys “being good at everything,” the Splitsville producer admitted to the site that he first avoided the more challenging elements of parenthood. He “didn’t feel like [he] was good [at home]” among the children.

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Silverstein altered the dynamics of their home after Philipps confronted him about the potential of divorce. As soon as he understood what he could provide, things began to shift. “I discovered that deep satisfaction came from my family,” he remarked.

The Freaks and Geeks star opened up about their turbulent relationship in her 2018 memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, and acknowledged that she had asked for a divorce from Silverstein in 2016 after feeling ignored by him. Instead of divorcing at the time, the couple chose to go to counseling individually and together.

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