Busy Baby Shark Tank Updates 2022: Busy Baby Silicon Mat Pitches Lori Greiner, Kevin O’leary on Shark Tank

busy baby shark tank

Multi-Emmy Award-winning reality television series ‘Shark Tank‘ provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses into global brands. Sharks, as they are known in the business world, are eager to hear about new products and ideas from entrepreneurs. The Sharks then make a decision on which firm they can invest in.

busy baby shark tank

The show has a history of promoting and launching new products into the mainstream. Season 12’s Busy Baby Mats, for example, is an innovative way to keep children’s toys in place. As a result of our curiosity about the company’s expansion piqued by its novel concept, we dug deeper.

Busy Baby Mats: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The Busy Baby Mat is a brilliant solution to the problem of babies dumping their toys on the ground. For a mother who wants to keep her infant entertained while she goes about her daily routine, the mat was designed by Beth and Eric Fynbo. Beth and Eric Fynbo grew up together and served in the military together in the Middle East.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Minnesota State University and Master of Science in Project Management from Colorado Technical University is Beth’s academic credentials.

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When Eric was hired as the vice president of operations, he brought with him a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Minnesota State University and extensive experience in company administration, strategic planning, and inventory tracking. Beth got the concept for Busy Baby Mats after watching her friends struggle with the difficulties of caring for a youngster when they were out to lunch. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to discover a remedy online. Because of this, Beth decided to create her own, and so the Busy Baby Mat was created.

Designed to stick to clean, flat surfaces, the mat is made of high-quality, FDA-approved food-grade silicone. Additionally, it has a proprietary tether system to keep toys, sippy cups, and other items clean and within the baby’s grasp. The silicon surface of the mat makes it easier for the infant to take up food and supports self-feeding. Additionally, threading the tether through the mat’s hole is a fun way for babies to practice motor skills.

The mats can be placed on any flat surface, including shopping carts and child carriers, and they can even be wrapped around the handles of these items. You can stick it to vertical surfaces or fold it up neatly to store it in a bag or pocketbook for $24.99 (USD). Originally intended for use in restaurants by new moms with infants, the mat has grown in popularity and is now found in homes across the country.

Busy Baby Mats: Where Are They Now?

The original Busy Baby Mat was made in 2017 from common household items. At Bunker Labs for Veterans, Beth completed an intensive 12-week entrepreneurship program for veterans. She also went to toy fairs and talked to other business owners for advice. In 2019, Beth began selling the mat on her own website, and by 2020, her business had grown by 200 percent.

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At the MN Cup in 2019, the Busy Baby Mat earned the top veteran-led company award from the Carlson Family Foundation, the top general division company award, and the Carlson Family Foundation’s best women-led company award. As a result, she was awarded $5000 from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence honored the mat and it was highlighted on ABC 6 News. “Best Gifts for Babies and Toddlers” included Busy Baby Mat.

On their own website and on Amazon, they can be purchased Faire is a good place to look for wholesale buyers. However, as of April 2021, retail-packed mats will be available. Currently, mats come in white poly shipping envelopes branded with the Busy Baby logo. It was a natural progression for Beth and Eric to expand their line of baby products, including the Busy Baby Mats and a variety of other items like a teething spoon and an infant toothbrush. The Busy Baby website also sells these items. In the eyes of new mothers, the Busy Baby product line has been a godsend.


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