Brittany Spears Divorce: The Real Reason Why Britney Spears Divorced Jason Alexander

brittany spears divorce

More than ten years after Britney Spears wrote a letter detailing her breakup with Kevin Federline, a new documentary is helping to spread the word.

Viewers are taking in a flood of fresh information about the inner workings of the pop star’s life in the wake of the Netflix documentary Britney vs. Spears, including the contentious conservatorship that was imposed upon her in 2008, its implementation, and the effects it has had on her for 13 years.

A statement that Spears purportedly wrote and provided to Andrew Gallery, who worked on the 2008 MTV documentary Britney: For the Record and claimed to have developed a friendship with her, was one of the disclosures that came to light in the movie.

Spears handed Gallery the written statement as a response to the interview following the publication of a December 2008 issue of People showing Federline as the cover star, as he revealed in the movie, and requested that Gallery read it on TV. Although E! News has contacted Spears’ team for a response, it has not independently confirmed the identity of the letter’s author.

The statement continued, “I was astonished how much of the focus was on Britney their mother to sell a story for People magazine instead of Kevin.” “People need to get up with the times. What happened to Britney was a year ago.”

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Spears, who is married to Federline and has two children together (Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15), allegedly claimed that Federline’s refusal to see her and the children when she visited him in New York City “forced” her to file for divorce and that her attorneys warned her that if she didn’t, he would do it on his own. The previous attorneys for Spears have been contacted by E! News for comment.

She further asserted in the letter that their arguments were caused by his habit of “rising and baking to marijuana” at five in the morning. Federline’s lawyer has been contacted by E! News for comment. The letter stated, “No one talks about these things because no one knows the reality. “She was misled and duped. When her children were taken away, she lost control, as any mother would under those conditions. Britney has been forbidden from speaking about anything that is actually happening this year.”

brittany spears divorce

The singer added that $3 million had been made that year by the “those controlling her life.” The statement went on to say, “She would love for new eyes to view her condition, but if she brings it up she’s continually threatened that the conservators would take her kids away.” “How long does this last then? It may continue for some time as long as the individuals are being paid and she has no rights, but it in no way makes it right.”

Vivian L. Thoreen, her father Jamie Spears’s attorney, responded to E! News by saying, “Jamie has dedicated his life to assisting Britney in achieving her objectives of regaining custody of her children, revitalizing her career, and being in a position to live the life she wants to live since her public breakdown.

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Jamie worked tirelessly to safeguard Britney from further exploitation, settle the multi-million dollar lawsuits that were pending against her, and help Britney rebuild her finances so that she and her sons are once more financially secure. Britney was upside down in her home mortgage and facing numerous lawsuits in 2008. Jamie has an unshakeable affection for Britney and just wants the best for her. He will always love and be there for his daughter.”

brittany spears divorce

The statement went on to say, “Jamie answers to a legal court, the probate court, not to the court of public opinion. All of his acts fell fully within the bounds of the power the court had granted him. He acted with Britney’s knowledge and approval, as well as that of the court, her assigned legal representative, or both. The court’s endorsement of Jamie’s conduct and his track record as conservator speaks for itself.”

Spears claimed in the message that she had given her mother Lynne Spears a $4 million Louisiana house and her brother Bryan Spears a $2 million apartment. How about her dad? The letter was headed, “The best position in the show industry.”

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