Black Instagram Highlight Covers: How To Make Your Own

ig black cover

Placing an Instagram Highlight cover just below the bio section is a fantastic way to start off your Instagram profile. This highlights your greatest Stories and gives your content an exquisite shimmer.

The stylish circles that reside beneath your Instagram profile and invite followers to view your brand’s saved stories are known as highlight covers.

They’re helpful for organizing material and providing customers with a quick overview of what your company has to offer, including any deals, products, or services.

Highlights last until you take them down, unlike regular stories, which expire after 24 hours. Make those highlights count given their valuable real estate and potential for longevity. A good tale cover will be beneficial.

The most popular materials and designs for Instagram Highlight Covers are leather and wood, while there are many more options as well. Create a refined and simple Instagram style with our customizable and editable tools.

Fantastic Instagram Story Covers include

Instagram Highlights Cover in Black.

Instagram cover made in earthy watercolor.

What to Do for Black Instagram Highlight Covers:


1. Download the PDF file with the link to the Instagram Highlight Icons after making your payment.

2. Download to your pictures app the Instagram highlight icons.

3. On the screen of your Instagram profile, click “Story highlight.”

4. Choose Edit Highlight > Edit Cover > Choose a photo.

5. If necessary, adjust the cover by zooming in or out.

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How Do I Upload My Instagram Cover Highlights?


Follow these simple instructions to create a highlight cover.

  1. Select the story you want to put a cover to on Instagram by opening the app.
  2. The highlight should be tapped and held. Select the “Edit highlight” option from the list of menus that will appear.
  3. Once a new screen has shown, look for and select “Edit cover.”
  4. Choose the image icon at the bottom of the screen.
  5. The image gallery on the device will then be opened. Select a photo to use as your highlight cover after this. Publish it.
  6. On the screen’s top right, click “Done,” then do it again.

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How can I optimize my Instagram cover photo?

Instagram highlight covers should look the same as your page. Your page appears more beautiful and professional thanks to the unified page design.

  1. Use an Instagram highlight cover image that is obvious.
  2. Increase the tale to your Instagram highlight cover.
  3. Include the Instagram cover icon or brand color of your own company.
  4. The information is brief. The appealing material should be presented in the middle of the display window, which is small, in a clear and succinct manner.


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