BitLife Hacks: Learn the 5 Ropes with This Strategy Guide, Complete with A Walkthrough, Hacks, and Cheats!


BitLife – Life Simulator puts the player in charge of a female or male avatar and puts them in charge of simulated life. BitLife serves as life history, and the experiences you have along the way are the events that make up that timeline.

Take care of your family, your nephews, your happiness, your health, your intelligence, your attractiveness, and more if you want to have a successful life. Your future professional path will be determined by the major you pursue in college.

As the game begins, you choose a gender at random and begin your life as a girl or a boy. You can start a new life as anyone you like, regardless of your gender, nationality, or current location. Stats are then generated at random for the character upon their initial creation.

Status updates on your level of contentment, health, intelligence, and attractiveness are displayed at the screen’s footer. Significant weight should be given to these numbers. Building a successful persona relies, first and foremost, on a solid foundation of solid numbers.

Useful advice for the video game BitLife


If you’re in a rush to reach your next age, you can lose out on some minor but important opportunities along the way. Having your character take swimming lessons as a kid will make it less likely that they will drown if they ever crash a boat as an adult.

If there are active challenges, you should check them out. The casual player of BitLife might not give this much thought at first. However, they do provide a quick and easy method of acquiring unique accent pieces at no cost.

Discover the world and everything it has to offer. If you’re British and want to be an actor in Hollywood, you’ll need to leave the country.

Visit forums like the BitLifeApp subreddit on Reddit when you are stuck in a game, whether it’s a specific difficulty or a specific goal. This kind of online community is a wonderful resource for help and guidance.

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If your character isn’t actively seeking difficulty, don’t worry about forcing them to start over and over again. It’s possible your partner lacks key skills—luck, for example—to help you win.

If your character can afford to, have them play the lottery. A long shot, but if you have the means, it might be an exciting way to spice up your game.

Check out the Suggested Events An individual’s IQ, happiness, and health are only few of the many measurables that can be influenced by chance. Your actions keep these metrics accurate.

You may do an unlimited number of things each year to keep your sense of joy, wit, charm, and health.

BitLife Hacks provides a quick and easy method:


We want you to succeed in the game, so we made this guide to aid you along the way.

1. Do the Job Swap Trick.

Unless you’re lucky, you probably won’t find the job you want to be posted in BitLife. Job assignments will need to be changed. You can either hit the age button to advance to the following year, or you can simply restart the application. Close the programme and then launch it again. When you restart the app, you’ll see a fresh batch of job postings in the Jobs section.

2. Do your best in school

Throughout your academic career, always select the option to “study harder.” If you follow these steps, you’ll increase your opportunities to win a scholarship and decrease your need for a large loan. As a bonus, you’ll be able to upgrade your career position.

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3. Solicit a Quote

Don’t get yourself in over your head with a mortgage that you can’t afford by purchasing a home that’s too expensive. Get something at a low price and then sell it for a gain. That is, unless you get an unseen disease. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll ever win the lotto in real life. On the other hand, BitLife has a better shot at the jackpot. Therefore, there is no harm in giving it a shot.

4. Fund Acquisition of Real Estate

It’s important to invest in high-priced real estate as soon as you can afford to, as doing so can help you amass a larger fortune by the time you reach retirement age. In order to avoid becoming bankrupt, you should only attempt to acquire as many houses as you can afford.

5. Intentional Job-Changing

A list of occupations, some of which you may not even be interested in, will be presented to you, and you will have to rearrange them until you find the one you want. For job rotation in Bitlife, you can either enter the following year by hitting the age button or restart the programme. You can avoid losing an entire year of progress by just restarting the programme.


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