Big Boi Divorce: After 20 Years of Marriage, Big Boi and Sherlita Patton’s Divorce Has Been Finalized

big boi divorce

According to court records acquired by TMZ, the Outcast member and the real estate mogul’s divorce was officially finalized in May. The publication went on to say that Big Boi divorced in April.

Prior to filing for divorce, the singer and producer reportedly disclosed in judicial documents that he and Patton were living apart. Furthermore, Big Boi asserted that he and his ex-wife had “no credible possibility of reconciliation.”

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big boi divorce

Despite the fast collapse of their marriage, both parties apparently promised not to threaten each other with “damage, maltreatment, molesting, pestering, injuring, or abuse.” Additionally, there wasn’t always marital bliss during the former couple’s 20-year union.

Despite getting married in March 2002, Patton and Big Boi divorced in 2013. At the time, the entrepreneur requested financial support and child custody and asserted that the then-marriage couples were “irretrievably destroyed.”

Big Boi revealed to TMZ that by the next year, he and his wife had made up. He thanked God in his paparazzi interview with the site for reuniting him with Patton.

In 2016, the couple reportedly “privately negotiated a postnuptial agreement that divided their assets and debts.” Jordan, a 27-year-old daughter, and Cross, a 21-year-old son, are the two adult children that Big Boi and Patton have together.

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The musician also has a son named Bamboo, who is 22 years old, from a prior relationship. No mention of Bog Boi and Patton’s divorce has been made in public as of yet. We wish both parties success in their efforts to resolve their differences amicably and separately.

Exchanged Vows in 2002

big boi divorce

It is well known that Big Boi is a huge loving boy. He has known Sherlita Patton for 26 years and they have been married for approximately 20 years.

Long before Big Boi asked Sherlita to marry him on Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas, the Patton couple had already begun their love affair. Although what occurs in Vegas remains in Vegas, it is a lifetime commitment for Big Boi and Sherlita.

Furthermore, in February 2002, Big Boi, alias Antwan Andre Patton, and Sherlita Patton exchanged vows in a private ceremony in front of Andre 3000 and other famous people.

The couple had previously accepted motherhood before getting married. Jordan Patton, a daughter, was the couple’s firstborn, who was born in 1995. Similar to this, Sherlita, Big Boi’s wife, gave birth to Bamboo Patton, also known as Antwan Andre Patton II.

Soon after the birth of Bamboo, Big Boi and Sherlita welcomed their youngest son, Cross Patton. Her children are driven people, much like Sherlita.

Sherlita demanded a divorce in 2013 despite the Patton couple having many good times together.

Big Boi’s Wife Sherlita Patton, Filed For Divorce in 2013

big boi divorce

Any kind of relationship, including marriage, requires constant awareness of one’s behaviors and the effects they may have on others. Sherlita Patton, Big Boi’s wife, filed for divorce in 2013 to end their marriage in response to the charges of infidelity.

Sherlita also asserted that the marriage was irretrievably destroyed in the divorce complaint she filed in Fulton County Superior Court. She also asked for an equitable distribution of the couple’s assets, including legal costs, and alimony.

Furthermore, Bamboo Patton, who was only 12 years old at the time, was the subject of Sherlita’s sole custody request. Big Boi did not remain silent and responded with a request for shared legal and physical custody.

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Sherlita Patton, Big Boi’s wife, requested sole custody of their minor child when she filed for divorce in 2013. Source of the image: Sherlita’s Facebook. Furthermore, Big Boi declared that he is ready to provide whatever sum the State of Georgia determines is necessary for child support. Boi at the time said his estranged wife is perfectly capable of supporting herself and branded the unending child payments a “BULL.”

Overall, it’s incredibly admirable how Big Boi maintained his trust in his baby mama despite the toughest time. After going through all the legal obstacles, the Patton couple decided against divorcing.

Guess Who Saved Their Marriage?

Contrary to Sherlita’s claims that their marriage was “broken,” the Patton couple secretly reconnected after announcing their divorce publicly.

Sherlita and Big Boi both filed divorce papers, according to TMZ. In addition, Big Boi of Outkast shared a photo of his beloved on Mother’s Day with the remark, “Happy Mother’s Day to my queen.

And who do you think preserved Patton’s union? Jesus! Yes, according to Big Boi, Jesus saved his marriage. He also cited the proverb “A family that prays together, stays together. Right now, Big Boi and Sherlita are still going strong in their marriage and growing their children to be obedient and victorious.

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