Bhavai Movie Ready To Release With Actors Hemant Kher & Pratik Gandhi

Bhavai Movie
Bhavai Movie

Everyone is familiar with the duo of Harshad and Ashwin Mehta is on the trend due to the performance, they did in the Web Series Scam 1992. Their real names are Pratik Gandhi and Hemant Kher. They have met hands yet another time for Bhavai movie, which is set to release.

Though, Hemant Kher will not be seen in the film. He will be working from behind the camera. His primary role will be of cast’s acting coach for this movie may be. Not sure if he will be doing acting in the bhavai movie or not.

Pratik Gandhi said in an interview

“My Hindi film Bhavai is ready to be released. He [Kher] was the acting coach in it, just like he was in Mitron (2018)”

Pratik also said that

“I am from Surat and he is from Kosamba, which is near Surat. He had become a very good friend before the shoot. We kept chatting about Surat. On the sets [of Scam 1992] it was all the more enjoyable. Maybe because of that, our chemistry and bonding are visible [in the web-series],”.

This how they became friends on the sets of Scam 1992.

Aindrita Ray will be seen opposite Pratik Gandhi in Bhavai will be about the old age religious belief, which will be questioned. The Director of the bhavai film is Hardik Gajjar.

Ever since his role in Scam 1992, which was about the rise and fall of Harshad Mehta, a real-life share broker, He is getting calls for new projects.

“I received a few good offers. Right now, I am listening to various scripts. I will soon do a good project.”

This is what he precisely said about him getting good offers.

Wait for the Bhavai movie release date and the platform on which it will be released.

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