10 Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix Hacks!


Sugar cookies have existed for millennia, whether they’re freshly baked for Santa or iced for no particular reason. Regardless of the event

In contrast to cooking, baking is true science, and the tiniest change to a recipe can spoil an otherwise delicious dessert and turn it inedible. There is something about homemade cookies that induces a certain sense of warmth and comfort.

There are numerous techniques for transforming store-bought cookie mix into cookies that, if your friends didn’t know better, they would assume were homemade. Here are some ways to get inventive with your cookies.

1. Use Actual Butter in The Dough.

You have the option of adding butter or margarine to sugar cookie mixes sold in stores, but you should always choose butter! It will impart the most authentic, homemade taste to your cookies. To prevent your cookies from being excessively salty, use unsalted butter.

2. Make Certain It’s at Room Temperature

Allow it to room temperature before consuming. This permits air pockets to form within the butter, making it simpler to incorporate into the dry ingredients.
Additionally, you can use a microwave, but you must exercise extreme caution, as it could entirely melt. You will end up with a cookie that is too dense, contrary to your baking aims if you use butter that has been melted.

3. Homemade Cookies Contain Powdered Milk as A Secret Component.

powdered milk

Adding powdered milk to store-bought cookie dough can make the final product chewier and give a light crust, which helps to retain moisture.
Essentially, powdered milk is dried milk. Powdered milk has a very long shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated. It is also frequently referred to as dry milk.

4. For a Handmade Flavour, Include Pure Vanilla Extract.

Pure vanilla extract does not taste like the vanilla flavour we all know and love; it is actually extremely bitter. However, the cheap artificial material has an overbearing, sweet flavour, and it is not advised to use it in place of the real form in your cookies. If you cannot obtain a pure vanilla extract, you will need to use twice as much imitation vanilla to acquire the same flavour.

5. Stir in Citrus Zest

Lemon Zest
Hand zesting lemon

The addition of citrus zest to your sugar cookies will make them sing! Using a Microplane grater, remove one to two teaspoons of fine lemon, lime, or orange zest and incorporate it into the dough.

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6. Mix and Add Delectable Ingredients

Add chocolate chips, multicoloured sprinkles, toasted chopped almonds, and chopped dried fruit to sugar cookies to make them more lively. Add these after combining the butter and egg with the sugar cookie mix.

7. Add Colouring to Your Cookie Dough


A few drops of food colouring make standard sugar cookie dough so much more enjoyable, whether for drop or cut-out cookies. Prepare your cookies all the same colour, or make batches of different colours to roll or stack together prior to slicing and baking.

8. Use Coconut Oil

We recommend substituting coconut oil with vegetable oil. You may have observed that other boxed mixtures require vegetable oil. This is because it has a neutral flavour; nonetheless, coconut oil is superior because it functions more like butter.

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9. Dark Chocolate Contrast


Yes, chocolate chips are already included in the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix. However, if you add dark chocolate chips as well, the contrast between the two types of chocolate yields a more robust flavour.

10. Nuts Toasted

Almond, pecan, or walnut slivers toasted to perfection can elevate the flavour of an average box mix. As long as you’re not feeding anyone with a nut allergy, toasted nuts can add crunch and flavour to this mixture.


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