13 Best Life Hacks that Will Simplify Your Daily Routine!

life hacks

Hacks are ingenious methods, procedures, or shortcuts that simplify everyday life. You can also see them as innovative, makeshift answers to regular issues.

Life hacks are supposed to make your life easier, and their definition is any method used to better organize your time and routine tasks.

Someone wealthy once advised investing in time-saving technologies since time is priceless.

There is a handful that is more outlandish than others, but there are also those that are quite clever. Perhaps some of them will be familiar to you, but we’ve also included some fresh and innovative tricks that we think you’ll find useful.

These are some of the better ones you can put to use immediately. Several are as follows:

1. No-Fog Mirrors

no fog mirror

Car wax can be used to keep your bathroom mirror clear after a steamy shower. Start by applying a little layer of auto wax to the mirror, waiting for it to dry, and then buffing it with a soft, dry cloth.

2. Attaching a Rubber Band to a Paint Can

Put a rubber band around the open paint can to catch any paint that drips from your brush.

3. Learn the Basics of Emergency Preparedness

This brilliant method might end up saving your life. Keep a card in your wallet or pocketbook with your vital information in case of an emergency.

4. What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Shower Head’s Cleanliness

shower head cleanliness

You may speed up your day by using this clever trick. Wrap your shower head with a bag containing vinegar. When you return the next day, you’ll find that everything is spotless.

5. Tips for Making a Better Iced Coffee

It’s safe to assume that ice cubes are not welcome in a true iced coffee lover’s cup. I say, “Ice cubes in coffee”! This neat trick will ensure that you never dilute your iced coffee again.

6. Fixing a Pancake Disaster


An easy life hack to avoid a mess when making pancakes. If you have an empty ketchup bottle lying around, you can use it to hold and dispense pancake ingredients.

7. Keep Tabs on Your Keys With Ease

You’ve got the car, the house, the shed, and the garage. Using nail polish to color code your keys will help you locate them faster. Make each key a different color. Long-lastingness of the nail paint is guaranteed.

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9. Tips for Recognizing Your Bags

Recognizing Your Bags

Attaching a little piece of brightly colored ribbon to your suitcase will save you time and make it simpler to find.

10. If you wouldn’t take their advice, don’t take their criticism.

It is discovered the hard way after allowing the negative feedback of others to shape your expectations and ultimately actions. It’s great to be free of that pressure.

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11. Resolve U-Turns

Anyone who has ever had a flip-flop fall off while they were walking will appreciate this easy fix. Nonetheless, you will likely feel a twinge of regret that you didn’t come up with the idea sooner. If your flip-flops are broken, you can mend them using a paper clip.

12. Get Rid of Markers


Prepare a cotton swab with some lemon juice by slicing a lemon in half. Drag the swab across the highlighted text to see the highlight disappear. Even bottled lemon juice has been shown to be effective. But it didn’t work quite as well on the pieces we examined, and the older the mark, the harder it was to get off.

13. Wait until The Onion Is Almost Transparent Before Adding the Garlic.

Whenever a recipe calls for both garlic and onions, Onions take much longer to cook than garlic does. Throwing them in at the same time will result in a bitter aftertaste and burnt garlic. Roasting minced garlic takes no more than 30 seconds.


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