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Best Jimmy Shergill Web Series In 2022

Ever since the lockdown, people are getting afraid to go out to watch movies, and movie theatres are not open in most countries. OTT platforms have gained popularity with all sorts of genres of series. What has caught my attention is Jimmy Shergill Web Series. He is one of the brilliant actors who have done Punjabi as well as Hindi movies.

Jimmy Shergill Web Series 2022

Jimmy Shergill New Web Series
Jimmy Shergill Web Series

This year is all about OTT platforms and entertainment series, and it is good to chill at home. Jimmy Shergill New Web Series are getting popular due to his acting skills. Here are some details about Jimmy Shergill New Web Series.

Your Honor

Your Honor
Your Honor

Your Honor is inspired by an Israeli web series called Kvodo. The main character Bishan Khosla’s son, gets caught in a hit and run police case. The boy who got hit by the car was the son of the gangster of the city. The web series is about the main question that comes to the mind of the readers. Will Bishan Khosla, a famous judge, be able to save his son using his political friends or tricks? If yes, then how?

Jimmy Shergill plays Bishan Khosla’s role. The series was released in June 2020.

Rangbaaz Phirse

Rangbaaz Phirse
Rangbaaz Phirse

The web series Rangbaaz Phirse is based on a real-life event of Shri Prakash Shukla, who was a gangster and most wanted criminal of Uttar Pradesh. The series shows the life of a DDU student who turns out to be the second most wanted criminal in India.

The series is an old one and was released in December 2018. Jimmy Shergill played the role of Amar Pal Singh in this series.

Jimmy Shergill New Web Series is fascinating to watch if the viewers are interested in real-life events or intense series with a touch of rural nature. Jimmy Shergill latest web series list was there in detail.

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