BeSomebody Shark Tank Updates 2022-What Happened BeSomebody After Shark Tank? Full Details

be somebody shark tank

BeSomebody is a smartphone software that allows you to schedule live interactions with teachers or experts in a variety of subjects in order to obtain practical experience.

The app is designed to connect individuals together who have a passion for learning.
BeSomebody designed an app to enable users to connect with their mentors, with the goal of supporting them in learning from them.

This app links someone who is passionate about something with someone who is willing to help them learn more about it.

BeSomebody wants to help with mentoring facilitation. It is a social networking programme that allows users to communicate with one another.

Full Details on BeSomebody:

Company Name BeSomebody
Entrepreneur Kash Shaikh
Product A Marketplace App That Shares Experiences
Investment Asking For $1,000,000 For 10% equity in BeSomebody
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode  Season 8 Episode 7
Business Status In Business

Who Is the BeSomebody Founder?

be somebody shark tank

Kash Shaikh, a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, is the creator and current CEO of BeSomebody

Before joining GoPro as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications in 2007, he worked for Sprint and Procter & Gamble.

Sheikh is the founder and CEO of the podcasting company Besomebody, Inc.

Shaikh worked for Procter & Gamble for over a decade, where he worked on social and influencer marketing, among other things.

Because of his experiences and knowledge in these areas, he decided to start a free podcast where he interviews experts in leadership, culture, and business.

He wants to assist people in discovering their true calling. He is an expert in both corporate and personal motivation.

Kash Shaikh has been nominated for PR Week’s “40 Under 40” list and Brandweek’s “Marketer of the Year” list.

Before Shark Tank, BeSomebody:

be somebody shark tank

The Shark Tank entrepreneur has created a platform that allows people to explore their hobbies.

The Sharks have been summoned by Kash Shaikh. Colin has found that everyone today speaks.

Despite all the rhetoric about aspirations, desires, and destiny, inspiring words, and mantras, Colin has learned that people today are all talk.

As a result, he is now seeking $1 million in return for 10% of his company.

The #besomebody team built the world’s first experiential learning marketplace.

On this service, you may arrange sessions with specialists to learn about something you’re interested in. You make your reservation online yet meet in person to get hands-on experience.

They refer to their guests as “missionaries,” or those who earn a living out of their passion.

Robert may now arrange a ninja warrior session with Travis Bruer to add ninja talents to his already enticing armoury of scuba diving and investing.

Travis Bruer does show up, and he shows off his athletic skills by rolling into the Shark Tank on nothing but a large monster tyre wheel.

He then hops onto the coffee table and flips in front of Robert, pointing to the Sharks.

Kash knows his lady sharks all have buried dancing interests, so the Sharks may host a communal event to rekindle those emotions. From ballet to salsa to Bollywood, they can study it all.

To underline Kash’s argument, numerous female Bollywood dancers perform a traditional Indian dance.

The Sharks are all fascinated. While the dancers wear Indian scarves, Daymond can’t stop himself from dancing to the music.

How Did Be Somebody’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Kash approaches Shark Tank with a $1 million investment request in return for a 10% interest in BeSomebody.

Robert has a “ninja lesson” from Travis Bruer, a world-renowned ninja, followed by “dancing lessons” from Bollywood dancers.

Olympic soccer champion Christine Lily finally enters the Tank for a soccer lesson. Her presentation astounds the sharks.

Kash goes on to relate the narrative of how he started the company. Barbara inquires about cost after he delivers a demonstration of the programme.

Kash’s booking fee is 20% of the total cost of the experience. The typical experience, he believes, costs $40.

The Sharks are sceptical, and Kash asserts that his trademarked phrase #besomeone has a 5 million-strong fanbase. To date, he has coordinated approximately 2000 meet-ups.

Liability and exclusivity are two factors that sharks are concerned about. Mark grows upset and is the first to leave.

Barbara dismisses Kash as rude and leaves. Robert is out since he doesn’t understand the industry.

Lori departs, declaring that this is just another app that will fail.

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Daymond goes because he is unduly concerned about liabilities.

Kash, Kevin feels, botched it by pitching to six Sharks and failing to sell even one. He has already left.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Be Somebody?

Kash is unfamiliar with his company and has no clue how to engage with investors.

The application for #besomebody has now been finished and is no longer available. Because no one bought the app, it was shut down in early 2017.

The main explanation provided was that there was no demand at all.

The business model necessitates millions of people to schedule one or two meetings each year, which is almost unfeasible.

Shark Tank Update: BeSomebody

be somebody shark tank

Kash has recently rebranded the #besomebody brand as a platform for “hands-on professional training.”

This is achieved through “learning pathways,” which are “vocational training programmes that provide individuals with particular, practical,’ real world’ skills” that they may use in a profession they like.

This, I believe, will fall through. Kash can only rely on the “passion” component of his approach and is well-versed in reality.

To be alerted when the platform re-launches the employee training, go to the newly created #besomebody website and provide your email address.

Is There a Deal for Be Somebody on Shark Tank?

Kash Shaikh appeared on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 7 with a $1 million offer for a 10% stake in BeSomebody but left without a contract.

Shark Tank Update: BeSomebody

Kash took the app down on January 7, 2017, less than two months after it was launched. The absence of repeat business was the key cause of the closure.


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