Beetlejuice 2 Confirmed Release Date, Cast, Review, Summary

Beetlejuice 2
Beetlejuice 2

This movie is about a ghost. He is a man who died and he wants to scare people. Two men wrote this movie, Tim Burton and Michael McDowell. They put an all-star cast in it, like Alec Baldwin, Catherine O’Hara, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder, and more.

Today, people are talking about how Beetlejuice 2 is confirmed. The rumor started on social media and then went to other places.

Beetlejuice 2 is coming. Johnny Depp will be in it.

Beetlejuice 2 Summary: What Is This Movie about?

A ghost is a person who has died. They were very alive before they died. The couple in Beetlejuice asked the ghost for help to scare people away from their house so that they could live there again.

The Deitz family who had bought the house from his family sued him when he wanted to create a foundation in the Netherlands. (Dutch asylum procedures have been slow and inefficient.)

The Maitlands live in a place for so long. They want to get rid of the Deitz family. They ask Beetlejuice for help, but he says no.

This does not work. Disaster happens, and the couple who lives at home together, Deitz and Maitland, decide to live in harmony.

Is Beetlejuice 2 Coming Or Not?

Tim Burton confirmed that a sequel to Beetlejuice is being made and will be released in 2020.

Beetlejuice 2 has been confirmed. Both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder will be in the movie again. The sequel to Beetlejuice was made more than two decades later. In the second movie, Michael Keaton and Alec Baldwin reprised their roles as husband and wife Charles Winston and Barbara Maitland. Geena Davis also reprised her role from the first movie as Lydia Deetz.

Before Winona Ryder signed on to be in the sequel to Beetlejuice, she told Johnny Deep that he was in the movie. We know this because it has been said three times and we don’t have to keep repeating ourselves.

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Beetlejuice 2 Release Date

Beetlejuice 2 is coming out. But it has not had a fixed release date yet. It was postponed in April 2019, but the writer Mike Vukadinovich is now working on another script for Beetlejuice 2.

Beetlejuice 2 is set to be released in 2022. It may be delayed until 2023, but not for too long.

Beetlejuice 2 Cast

The Beetlejuice sequel will have Johnny Deep. It will also have Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and Gina Davis who played Maitlands. Keaton is Beetlejuice and Catherine O Hara is Lydia’s mother Delia.

In the years since Beetlejuice was released, two of its key cast members have passed away. Sylvia Sidney, who played Juno in the movie and won an Academy Award for her role, died of esophageal cancer on July 1st, 1999 at 88-years-old. Michael Keaton also went on to win the Best Actor.

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Is Johnny Depp Is In The Cast Of Beetlejuice 2?

Johnny Depp, the actor from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, will be lost in 2020. His ex-wife Amber Hurd made a gap in her career as an actress.

But it seems like something strange is happening. Supposedly, Tim Burton will be directing Beetlejuice 2. Some people say that he wants Johnny Depp to act in it.

Army of Dead ended in 2018. The ending was shocking.

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Beetlejuice Review: Should There Be A Sequel?

The author and the director team up to give an old story. You’ll enjoy it!

What is Beetlejuice?

The final film is different from the original plot. I don’t like the words for it. There was an earlier draft of the script in which Barbara Maitlands hand was crushed during a car accident.

The final version of that scene had a more fun way for the person to fall from the bridge. The person’s death was because of a dog coming from the wooden plank.

The film is full of visual inventions and sizzling comedy. But the character Beetlejuice steals every scene. I thought that the afterlife was like a really bad office, but it’s not.

Mike was a new talent with many ideas. He made his movies different than other people’s movies. It looked like Dr. Seuss wrote this movie, but it was still real life.

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