Bee Thinking Shark Tank Update 2022-Click to Know Why No Shark Break any Deal?

bee thinking shark tank update

Bee Thinking is an urban beekeeper supplier that is heavily entrenched in the urban beekeeping movement’s environmental conscience.

Bee Thinking has a wide range of items for different populations. If you’re looking for honey or honey products, Bee Thinking has you covered. Honey, candles, and other products are available for purchase.

Bee Thinking Update from Shark Tank:

Bees, hives, and beekeeping equipment such as beekeeping suits are also available for anyone interested in becoming beekeepers. The hives are built of Western Red Cedar, which makes them extremely long-lasting.

Bee Thinking employs only the best grade Western Red Cedar that has been kiln-dried to less than 18% moisture content, resulting in long-lasting timber that won’t warp or break.

The end product is a lovely hive that won’t need painting or sealing like pine-framed hives.

Know More About Product:

Company Name Bee Thinking
Entrepreneur Matt Reed
Product Supplies for Beekeeping and Beehives
Investment Asking For $400,000 for 10% Equity in Bee Thinking
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode Season 6 Episode 24
Business Status Acquired, in Business

Who Is Bee Thinking’s Founder?

bee thinking shark tank update

bee Thinking was developed by Matt and Jill Reed. Both Reeds had found professional success prior to starting Bee Thinking. Jill specialized in the wine sector, while Matt worked in computer technology. Bee Built bought Bee Thinking in September 2017, although nothing is known about the Reeds’ ongoing projects.

After doing an act of kindness, Matt Reed created bee Thinking. He provided honey to a hungry bee who came to his window.

More bees appeared in the days that followed. Beekeeping provided him with a chance to learn more about the industry.
Matt quit his work and decided to devote his time solely to beekeeping. Keeping bees was a mutually beneficial relationship for me as a rookie bee enthusiast.
He conserved ecological equilibrium as a beekeeper by turning his passion into a business.
Individuals from all across the nation sought Matt’s beehives because of his excitement for beekeeping.
As Bee Thinking began to receive orders, the demand for beehives from other countries quickly increased. Bee Built’s purchase further validates the brand’s worth.

Before Going on Shark Tank:

Matt Reed grew up in the Portland, Oregon area. The pair have created a honey business together and live there with their daughter, Jill.
Honeybees are important to humans since they pollinate a third of the world’s food supply, according to Matt.
He claims that most of the food ingested by humans would not exist without bees. Matt references Albert Einstein, who prophesied that if bees vanished from the Earth, humans would only have four years to survive, which is unfortunately about to happen.
Honeybee numbers decreased dramatically in 2006, according to Matt, and beekeepers are unsure why.
Pesticides, habitat loss, stress, and other factors, they believe, are all contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder.
Matt goes on to say that he wanted to do his bit in helping and conserving the bees, which led to the start of his company.
He states that he worked in the technical field and that juggling both was hard, so he quit and focused on beekeeping.
The couple is now expecting their first child but still barely scraping by.
Matt believes that this is their destiny and that with the Sharks’ help, they can turn this business into something revolutionary.

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What Was Bee Thinking’s Shark Tank Pitch Like?

bee thinking shark tank update

Matt starts with an “at home” part in which he talks about colony collapse disorder, which is causing an alarming loss of honey bees.
He goes into Shark Tank in quest of $400,000 in return for a 10% stake in the company. Matt talks about how he got started with the firm and started building beehives.
He started a blog and had a lot of requests to buy his beehives.

The company has made a profit of $500,000. People buy his hives, he argues, to help the environment.
He pays $150 for the beehives and then sells them for $300. Mr. Wonderful thinks of the bees in his grandmother’s apple orchard.

Matt talks about the many sorts of hives and how bees use them. Mr. Wonderful claims to have established his company, but he’s out since it doesn’t generate $4 million.

Mark is impressed, but he fears that bringing in an investor would add to his stress, so he walks away. Lori dislikes honey and hence will not be participating.

Robert admires Matt’s story and dedication but feels that $400K would not help, so he withdraws.

Daymond feels that recovering his funds will take an inordinate length of time. He says he’ll be a customer, but he doesn’t show up.

Bee Thinking and Sharks did not reach an agreement.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Bee Thinking?

Matt and his wife were in financial trouble as a result of Matt’s business and his decision to leave his normal employment.

Bee Thinking was sponsored by the Sharks with a significant personal commitment.
His best-selling product, the Top Bar Hive, is where he earns the most money.
Despite his numerous fans, Matt’s items are never mentioned on Shark Tank as the greatest or worst.

Shark Tank Update from Bee Thinking:

bee thinking shark tank update

The Website Has a Lot of Five-Star Reviews. Customers Can Provide Comments Over the Internet. Buyers Adore All of The Items, and Many of Them Enjoy the Free Shipping.

It’s Clear that Matt Has a High Percentage of Repeat Clients, Which Helps Him Make Money.

Since They Have Been Selling Beehives for Years and Appear to Be Popular, There Is No Proof that Bee Thinking Has Failed.

They May Be Having Financial Issues, but By Growing Output Over Time, They Will Be Able to Overcome Them.

His Products Are Quite Popular, Especially Among Environmentalists and People Who Just Wish to Help Bees.

Shark Tank Update from Bee Thinking

Since Leaving the Tank without A Deal, Matt Has Been Quite Busy. Due to The Popularity of His Beehives, He Got Several Sales and Requests from Other Parties.

Matt Had to Close the Firm in 2017 Due to A Lack of Consumer Demand. a Year Later, He Renamed the Company Bee Built and Relaunched It.

He Is Still in Business as Of January 2022, Earning $3.5 Million per Year.


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