Bee Sweet Lemonade Shark Tank : Girl Turned Bee Sweet Lemonade Into an $11 Million Business

bee sweet lemonade Shark Tank

Shark Tank features a 10-year-old and her father Theophilus Ulmer presenting Bee Sweet Lemonade—a line of lemonade drinks sweetened with Texas wildflower honey, flaxseed, and mint—to the investors. When Mikaila was four, she was stung by a bee and became fascinated with bees. Her grandma sent her some lemonade recipes to help her cope with the trauma. Mikaila’s interest in bees rose as she became more interested in lemonade.

She developed an interest in bees and their role in the ecosystem over time. She also honed her lemonade-making skills. There were many groups dedicated to conserving the bees that Mikailia helped to raise money for by selling her Bee Sweet Lemonade at youth entrepreneurial events and at her own stand, and she also gave some of her profits.

It has been a few years now, and Mikaila’s Bee Sweet Lemonade can be found in Austin-area markets and restaurants such as TOMS, Peoples Rx and MAX’s Wine Dive as well as Farmhouse Delivery and Quickie Pickie. Because of the Sharks, she may be searching for help expanding her business into new markets. In what way is this drink going to appeal to sharks?

Bee Sweet Lemonade Shark Tank Recap

In exchange for a tenth of their company, Mikaila and her father are demanding $60,000 in cash. Besides tasting great, she claims, her lemonade is healthful for you. Flaxseed is cited as a beneficial element for bee populations by the author. Lori compliments her poise as she distributes samples.

Bee Sweet Lemonade Shark Tank

The prior year’s sales were little over $25,000, according to her. Asked where she was selling, Kevin inquires (see above). Mark inquires about the flaxseed and she replies that “it’s a secret” and that she will only tell her business partner about it. A marketing background and his second full-time work as a lemonade stand owner are revealed by her father. Funny part of the presentation was when Mr. Wonderful informed the 9 year old student, “School’s gotta get out of here.”

For Kevin, the premium fee and the fact that he’d be a full-time partner make him the first choice to go. Next, Robert brings up the fierceness of the beverage industry’s competition. Once school is over, Mark tells her to come back. In spite of her admiration, Lori cannot drink lemonade. Daymond is the only other person on the list. On the condition that his east coast distributor can get the product into stores, he is willing to pay $60,000 for a 25 percent stake. Mikaila readily agrees!


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Bee Sweet Lemonade Shark Tank Update

Updates and follow-ups regarding Shark Tank alums can be found often at Sales have risen by more than 350 percent since the show aired. A $11 million distribution contract with Whole Foods also put the product on the shelves of 55 of their locations. At the White House Kids’ State Dinner in 2015, she even got to meet the president and the first family!

The Sharks get an update on Mikaila’s business and rebranding to Me and the Bees in season 12 episode 1206, where she is now a much more mature Mikaila. In addition to Whole Foods, Wegmans, and The Fresh Market, the lemonade can now be found in more than 1,500 locations across the country. The company’s annual sales was $5 million as of June, 2022.

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Net worth

An Acton Children’s Business Fair at the ripe old age of 4 inspired Ulmer to design a product of her own.

After being stung twice in a week while brainstorming, she developed an irrational fear of bees. For the sake of her mother’s encouragement, Ulmer decided to use her arachnophobia as a springboard for learning.

Concerned when she realised that bees were on the edge of extinction, she resolved to take action.

Iconic Great Grandmother Ulmer recently received a 1940s cookbook from Helen, which included a recipe for flaxseed lemonade.

Rather than using sugar or artificial sweetener in her lemonade, Ulmer decided to use honey to sweeten her drinks. At the same time, save the bees and aid the beekeepers.

Some of the profits from BeeSweet Lemonade’s sales go to organisations battling for the survival of honeybees, which pollinate crops that make up about 30% of the food categories in America. If these crops become extinct, they are estimated to be worth $15 billion a year.

Because of his involvement with honeybee protection as well as his lemonade stand, Ulmer has a diverse set of interests and experiences.

For her friends, she claims to be helping them start their own businesses as well.

“What makes me very proud is that she is not only a great businesswoman but that she is a wonderful person and that she is friendly to everyone,” Ulmer’s mother told NBCBLK.

“That’s more important than the business,” you could say.


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