Bea Arthur Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Pretty Padded Room After Shark Tank?

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What Is Pretty Padded Room?

A subscription-based service called Pretty Padded Room uses an online treatment tool to connect patients with psychiatrists and provides three levels of service. Through Pretty Padded Room, an online treatment service that doesn’t need a computer or a tablet, you may connect with a psychiatrist and a sofa.

For $100, it is equivalent to five digital diaries; for $150, it is equivalent to four thirty-minute video sessions; for $200, it is equivalent to four forty-five-minute video sessions; and for $300, it is equivalent to three digital diaries. The Pretty Padded Room defense stresses psychology’s comedic side and suggests those with more severe problems speak with a therapist in their area.

Company Name Pretty Padded Room
Entrepreneur Bea Arthur
Business Services for online therapy and counseling
Investment Asking For $100,000 For 30% equity in Pretty Padded Room
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode  Season 4 Episode 16
Business Status Out of Business

Who Is the Founder of Pretty Padded Room?

bea arthur shark tank

Bea Arthur is the owner and founder of Pretty Padded Room. She talks candidly about therapy with a trusted buddy. She wants to provide women access to a qualified therapist’s credentials via video chat or a conventional journal.

Pretty Padded Room Before Shark Tank

Bea Arthur, the creator, and inspiration behind Pretty Padded Room was born in Ghana but immigrated to the United States as a young child. Bea modernized psychotherapy, a field with a lengthy history, for the present.

She intended to train new therapists while also delivering therapy to patients in the comfort of their own homes. When Bea first ventured into the online business realm in 2008, she established a social group for young mothers. The business was called “MeToo,” but after a year, it ceased operations.

In 2011, Bea debuted her new business, Pretty Padded Room, which offered clients “A Nice Place to Go Crazy.” Bea engaged a few well-chosen psychiatrists to help settle the subconscious difficulties of its subscription-based clientele.

The chosen clients would utilize all service advantages without leaving their residences. Late in 2012, Bea participated in a Shark Tank open casting event and was selected to pitch her idea to the sharks. At the beginning of 2013, she pitched the sharks her concept.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Pretty Padded Room?

bea arthur shark tank

Bea asked for a $100,000 investment on Shark Tank in exchange for a 30% ownership in Pretty Padded Room. Bea provided free sessions to those who wished to come in for consultations despite the fact that she worked as a domestic abuse counselor. Pretty Padded Room sold merchandise worth $20,000 at a gathering.

This is something that Pretty Padded Room has been doing for a while. The sales since then have totaled about $7,500. They stay for six months with a conversion rate of 40%. This year, Bea Arthur anticipates making $21,000 in revenue from Pretty Padded Room.

Bea Arthur was asked by Mark Cuban how much a customer would be valued and how much revenue she might expect to generate while the customer is a Pretty Padded Room client. She doesn’t comprehend the query. Mark outlined the revenue they would receive from a client’s continued use of Pretty Padded Room.

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Bea Arthur is aware of the importance of her company but struggles with math. She needs to locate a willing assistant who is knowledgeable about the numbers. She has a business opportunity, but she doesn’t use the right strategy. He has left.

What you mentioned was correct, according to Barbara Corcoran; Bea Arthur has to find the smartest person she knows who can support her financially and become their partner. Bea Arthur has experienced great commercial success, Mark Cuban informs her. She has people who are numerate, so she ought to make them partners. She needs to develop her business skills; otherwise, she will be fired.

Bea Arthur is incredibly passionate about her work and living her dream. She needs to know who will invest in her firm and how many clients she has. Not knowing your stats are scary, and he’s gone. Kevin Oleary tells about an island where there are more sardines than anywhere else on earth.

Because great white sharks will devour seals, which love to consume big numbers of sardines, they sit on rocks as a form of defense. It is impossible to defend a business if it is not founded on specific numbers, according to Robert Herjavec. Within seven days, seals starve to death and pass away. The first to leave are those who are hungry.

The first to perish in them. In order to save them, seals are slaughtered, and many more seals follow those seals into the water. Bea is the first Seal, according to Kevin, to visit the Shark Tank without being aware of their numbers. No one will ever go into the competition knowing their numbers.

Bea Arthur is told by Barbara Corcoran that she wants a mate who is financially savvy and has networking skills. Bea was informed by Robert Herjavec that she needed to understand the value of her company. If you do not understand your financial situation, you cannot defend yourself. You are beyond defense. He has left. Without receiving a bargain from the sharks, Bea was forced to depart the Shark Tank.

Conclusion: Sharks and Pretty Padded Room did not reach an agreement.

What Happened to Pretty Padded Room After Shark Tank?

In a 2014 interview, Bea talked about her Shark Tank appearance and the effect it had on her business. She received both favorable and unfavorable feedback after the performance, but she believed the final edit was incorrect.

The average Shark Tank applicant pitches to the sharks for an hour in a section that lasts no longer than fifteen minutes, but in the episode on the Pretty Padded Room, a number of crucial topics seemed to have been completely skipped over.

It appears from watching it, though, that the editors were attempting to shield Bea’s reputation from the most awful aspects of her look. Later, Pretty Padded Room changed its name to “In Your Corner,” a nearly identical company that doesn’t seem to have fared any better than its forerunner.

In April 2016, Pretty Padded Room’s operations came to an end. Even though the company website expresses gratitude to all of its prior customers, including those in “Afghanistan and the Australian Outback,” it confirms that all commercial operations have ceased.

In a strange twist, Bea Arthur’s website could still be accessed in 2018, yet doing so just led to more dead ends. Her skills as a therapist and media personality are promoted on a professionally designed and displayed website. Every contact detail is nevertheless connected to Bea’s previous Twitter account and the since-gone In Your Corner website.

Before Bea’s participation on Shark Tank, there is no proof that the aforementioned Twitter account had more than 10,000 followers. It has about twenty followers and hilariously updates every hour with philosophical viewpoints and treatment recommendations.

Some of the tweets generated by Google Translate had a mystical quality, and I wondered if Bea was responsible. I’d like to think she’s heading on the right path, but I’m still not convinced. Whatever Bea Arthur may be up to now, it is unlikely that the enigmatic and amusing entrepreneurs who were mauled by sharks are gone from the realm of online therapy.

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However, I’d like to think that there is something that we can all learn from the inquisitive Russian philosopher who now makes use of her old Twitter account. Pretty Padded Room, Bea’s service, is no longer accessible. She launched the “In Your Corner” website. Bea said that her appearance on Shark Tank failed to fairly portray her or her company.

She developed a service that looks comparable but is no longer offered. In Your Corner, a service that Bea founded, offered features comparable to those of Pretty Padded Room. It performed similarly to Pretty Padded Room. Within a few years, In Your Corner shut its doors.

A new website called 7Cups is the destination of a redirect from Pretty Padded Room. It is a group of individuals who listen to you, not a therapy office. You can get there by going to the Pretty Padded Room website. Although they don’t seem to be certified therapists, 7Cups employs what they call listeners who are trained to hear what you have to say.

What Happened to Drive Suits After Shark Tank?

Pretty Padded Room’s operations were discontinued by Bea in 2016. A year later, she launched The Difference, a comparable service. The original website for Pretty Padded Room has been redirected to online treatment provider

Is Pretty Padded Room Still in Business?

Bea said that her part had not accurately followed the airing of the episode. In Your Corner, the relaunched Pretty Padded Room, fell short of expectations. After a few years, In Your Corner closed. However, Bea Arthur stopped running Pretty Padded Room in 2016 and the company is no longer in operation as of 2022.

What Is the Net Worth Of a Pretty Padded Room?

When Pretty Room made its Shark Tank debut, the company was valued at $333,333. Since Pretty Padded Room stopped operating in 2022, its current net worth is unclear.

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