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bang shack shark tank

The Original Chicken Bang Dip is a well-known chicken dip made by this firm. The firm also produces additional dips and snack sauces, as well as has its own restaurant.
This is a firm started by a husband and wife who used their mixed ancestry cooking skills to develop these delectable items.
The firm is well known for its chicken dip, but the restaurant location and other goods are also hugely successful.

Where Does Jason Hadley Come From?

bang shack shark tank

Jason Hadley is one of four children and an entrepreneur.
He attributes his desire to start a firm that merged business and his passion for his ancestry to his boyhood in St. Petersburg, Florida, and his family’s poverty.

Jason began selling items when he was a child, going door to door in his village selling newspapers and candy bars.

When he found out he was going to be a father at the age of 15, he realized he needed to find a means to support his family.

He was talented in the kitchen, so cooking was a logical location for him to focus his efforts.

He began by selling dips at local farmer’s markets, and with the support of his wife, he built the business.

The dips were a tremendous hit, and Jason and his family were able to expand their business into a multi-faceted operation.

Which Events Occurred During The Pitch?

The items were a hit with all of The Sharks. They also expressed their admiration for Hadley’s zeal, sales pitch, and charisma.
The lack of a professional kitchen for product development, as well as no shipping or packing systems, were the major problems for all of them.
The majority of them claimed that they believed the product was fantastic, but that there was not enough infrastructure developed around it at the time of his visit to the tank to allow them to invest in it.
“You got here too early,” Kevin scolded him, and the other Sharks agreed. While the Sharks were enthusiastic about the product and Hadley, they thought they couldn’t help him at this point in his career.

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Investment Project:

The Sharks refused to make a deal, so Hadley had to return home empty-handed. The Bang Shack serves a variety of chicken dips.

The Bang Shack offers three distinct dip flavors: chicken, a vegetarian zucchini dip, and a vegan cashew dip. Each dip has different pricing, with the normal chicken dip costing $7 and the specialty dips costing $7 and $9. Hadley prepares each dip using a family recipe, while his wife prepares the first offering, which is made entirely of cashews.

The Bang Shack in Hollywood, Florida, also serves a variety of other foods. A bang burrito, a bang dog, and bang nachos are among these foods. On their official website, they also offer products, such as a $15 t-shirt and an $18 tank top. Hadley characterized the dip as an extension of himself in an interview with Voyage MIA.

He described the dip as “a great depiction of my prior experiences, interests, and strengths.” “I enjoy interacting with people, putting a smile on their faces, selling, hustling, cooking, and being compensated depending on my performance. The Bang Shack is my ideal company. There’s nothing like my World Famous Chicken Bang Dip out there.”



The Bang Shack

Company Net Worth:

$200,000 – *Estimated


Chicken dips


Jason Hadley

Asked for:

$80,000 for 20%


No Deal


No Sharks


The Bang Shack has launched a restaurant and is still selling its goods in a variety of locations.

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