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Baarish Season 3 Release Date Trailer Cast Storyline Plot

Baarish Season 3

Baarish Season 3

Baarish Season 2 was a great hit and well-liked among the viewers and highly applauded by the audience and the critics. Ever since the gained popularity of Baarish season 2, fans are eagerly waiting for Baarish Season 3. Baarish Season 3 release date, trailer, star cast, and storyline will be mentioned below.

Season 2 of Baarish was premiered on Alt Balaji and Zee5 on 6th May 2020. The whole story is about two strangers from entirely different cultures and economic statuses and ends up falling in love with each other. The primary role is played by rain as it binds the two people, Anuj and Gauravi.

Baarish is an Indian Drama Series with Hindi as a spoken language. The series is a love drama series made by Ekta Kapoor for the OTT platform Alt Balaji and Zee5. The series is an original series of Alt Balaji and will be available on its associated websites.

Baarish Season 3 Cast

Baarish Season 3

The Star Cast of any series is the one that makes it an average or a perfect series. Similarly, the star cast of Baarish made it a well-appreciated series. The star cast of Baarish Season 3 is mentioned below.

  1. Sharman Joshi as Anuj
  2. Asha Negi as Gauravi
  3. Priya Banerjee as Shreya
  4. Sahil Shroff as Rishi
  5. Shubhangi Latkar as Kanchan
  6. Poulomi Das as Phalguni
  7. Ashok Joshi as Paresh
  8. Kunal Parwani as Sorab
  9. Bina Patel as Zeenia
  10. Sanchita Puri as Arzoo
  11. Muni Jha as Prathamesh
  12. Meera Patharkar as Devyani

Baarish Season 3 Release Date

The release date of Baarish is not yet fixed. Season 1 was premiered in 2019, and season 2 was premiered on Zee TV as the other shows were stopped to air due to the Corona Virus pandemic. The COVID 19 made it difficult for shooting to continue or even begin; therefore, there is a delay in the Baarish Season 3 release date.

Apart from that, there are rumors that season 3 will be coming around March or April 2021. The date is not yet fixed, so don’t believe it until the news is confirmed, and it will be updated here as soon as any information is made official about the release date.

Baarish Season 3 Trailer

Baarish Season 3

Here’s a different thing people look for to judge the whole series or season. It is the trailer of any series. The first impression of any series is its reviews. If it’s not the first season, otherwise, it’s the trailer. There is no information about the release date, or any trailer is not yet made public, so dear viewers have to wait for a while to watch the official trailer. The trailer’s release date will be updated as soon as there is any development regarding the trailer’s release date.

Baarish Season 3 Storyline

The series revolves around a millionaire Anuj Joshi, a Gujarati businessman, and a Marathi girl who belongs to different backgrounds. The role of Anuj is played by Sharman Joshi, whereas Asha Negi played the part of the Marathi girl, Gauravi.

Anuj had to quit his studies to take care of his siblings and take the family business into his hands after his father’s demise. He builds an entire business empire from scratch, which he named “Mehta Diamonds.” He respects all his employees and respects them as a family member.

Gauravi grew up in a middle-class family where they respect education, and getting educated is the primary motive. She works in Mehta Diamonds, and his brother Aniket is dating Anuj’s sister, Shreya. Rishi is Anuj’s spoiled brother who looks after sales at his brother’s Mehta Diamonds. The main characters of the series, Anuj and Gauravi, come close during an exhibition where Anuj saves her.

The circumstances lead to Anuj and Gauravi’s families to arrange the marriage of the two, and eventually, they fall in love with each other.

Baarish Season 3 will come soon, and everything related to season 3 is mentioned above, including the cast, release date, trailers, and storyline.

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