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ashley judd divorce

Ashley Judd (born April 19, 1968) is an actress and political activist from the United States. She is the daughter of country music singer Naomi Judd and half-sister of country music singer Wynonna Judd, and she grew up in a household of performers. Her acting career has extended more than three decades, and she has been more active in worldwide humanitarian activities and political activity in recent years.

Early years:

Judd was born in the Los Angeles suburb of Granada Hills. Naomi Judd, a country music singer, and motivational speaker, and Michael Charles Ciminella, a horse racing marketing specialist, are her parents. Wynonna, Ashley’s older sister, is also a country music artist. Her paternal grandfather was from Sicily (Italy), while her paternal grandmother was a descendant of Mayflower pilgrim William Brewster. Her mother was a housewife when she was born, and she did not become well-known as a singer until the early 1980s. In 1972, Judd’s parents split. Ashley’s mother moved her back to Naomi’s home state of Kentucky the next year, where Judd had spent most of her childhood.


In April 2012, Judd attended an ABC Missing event at The Paley Center.
Judd portrayed Ensign Robin Lefler, a Starfleet officer, in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Darmok” and “The Game,” beginning in 1991. She had a recurring role as Reed, Alex’s (Swoosie Kurtz) daughter, in the NBC drama Sisters from 1991 to 1994.

With a brief role in 1992’s Kuffs, she made her feature picture debut. She battled for and was cast in her first major part in Victor Nuez’s Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winning tragic film Ruby in Paradise in 1993. Judd was extremely frightened for the audition, convinced that this job would influence the rest of her career, and nearly got into a car accident on the way. “I felt it was meant for me from the first three phases,” she told the San Jose Mercury News. [8] Her portrayal as Ruby Lee Gissing, a young lady seeking to build a new life for herself, earned her wonderful reviews, and it was this role that launched her career. The character’s resonance, Nuez informed author James L. Dickerson, was Judd’s creation: “Those moments, the connection, were not staged. It was simply a matter of setting the atmosphere and believing that the story was worthwhile.”


Judd graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in May 2007.

On May 9, 2009, she received an Honorary DHL degree from Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky. In 2010, she obtained a mid-career MPA degree (MC/MPA) from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Judd enrolled at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy to pursue a Ph.D. in Public Policy in August 2016 but took a medical leave of absence two months later because of severe migraines.

Ashley Judd’s Divorce Reason:

ashley judd divorce

Ashley Judd married racing driver Dario Franchitti in his home country of Scotland in December 2001 following a two-year engagement, according to People. According to USA Today, Judd and Franchitti met in 1999 at a mutual friend’s wedding celebration. The three-time Indianapolis 500 champion had no idea who the “Natural Born Killers” actor was, but they immediately became friends.

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In 2006, the “Divergent” actress stated that she has no plans to ever have children. “With the number of children starving to death in underdeveloped nations, it’s inhumane to procreate,” Judd told the Scottish Daily Record & Sunday. She indicated at the time that she didn’t make the choice to inform Franchitti lightly. “I’m not saying the decision I’m making isn’t frightening. I’m completely altering who I was before I met my hubby. As a result, I tell him, ‘I’m going to change.’ It’s a significant event “she continued.
Judd did not persuade her to change her decision. Instead, the couple decided to raise their pets together. “We have animals. The fact is that animals are complete family members in our house, but the whole tale is significantly more convoluted,” the “Double Jeopardy” host said in her biography “All That Is Bitter and Sweet.” Judd and Franchitti announced their divorce in 2013 after 14 years of marriage, a decision they stated was mutual in a statement, according to People. Continue reading to learn more about their divorce.

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti Maintained Their Friendship:

According to People, Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti disclosed in January 2013 that they had “mutually chosen to dissolve our marriage.” They did, however, emphasize that they were on friendly terms. “We’ll always remain family,” they continued, “and we’ll continue to treasure our connection based on the exceptional love, integrity, and respect we’ve always shared.” While many famous couples include the term “respect” in their divorce declarations, not all of them use it in the months after their divorce. Judd and Franchitti, on the other hand, did. Judd rushed to Twitter shortly after the couple announced their split, writing “family forever” and tagging Franchitti. The former racer followed suit.


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