2500 Year Old Mummy in Egypt
2500 Year Old Mummy in Egypt

Aroused 2500 Year Old Mummy In Egypt From ‘SLEEP’, Now Afraid Of Being Cursed

So, readers today’s news is about 2500 Year Old Mummy In Egypt. Without asking any questions this time let’s start sharing the news with you.

In the past, earthen graves were found in Saqqara’s cemetery in the southern part of Cairo. The mission, which began two months ago, found the site at 36 feet deep with 13 coffins. And going deeper, more coffins began to be found.

Actually, it was said that Mami is cursed by opening her and awakening her from ‘sleep’. Fear has also started spreading about it, but more and more questions are being asked on why it was necessary to open the centuries-old coffins.

Actually, fear is coming out that due to the death of these people 2500 years ago, the impact of these coffins may not be seen. Questions have also been raised as to why these mummies are not of a Pharaoh or a great figure, why are they being teased only for tourism.

2500 Year Old Mummy In Egypt was made out of brains

2500 Year Old Mummy in Egypt
2500 Year Old Mummy in Egypt

59 coffins were found 10 miles southeast from the Pyramid of Giza, 40 of which were shown to the press. Early research has assumed that most of these coffins must have been priests, officials and upper classes. After they all died, they were buried according to tradition. It also involved removing brains from iron hooks through their noses.

More coffins can be found now

It is also expected that more coffins may be buried inside here. Therefore, it is believed that this could prove to be a big achievement. Officials say that all the coffins are in very good condition and only original colours are visible in them. All these coffins have been taken to the Grand Egyptian Museum, where it will be shown to the common people. Egypt uses archaeological mining to promote tourism.


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