Use Apk Mirror to Sideload Android Apps if You Don’t Have Access to The Play Market!


We at Malavida are living proof that there is more to the app ecosystem than Google Play. We’re here to help you get around the restrictions imposed by the Google Play store.

Another case in point is APKMirror. It’s a website that offers access to hundreds of Android apps that may be installed on your mobile device. All of the application file bundles (.apkm,.xapk, and.apks) and standard APK files on the site will install correctly with this.

App bundle files (.apkm,.xapk, and.apks) can be installed alongside traditional APKs with the aid of APKMirror Installer.

In addition, we have implemented a much-requested extra for standard APKs: the ability to view the precise cause for a failure to sideload when using the APKMirror Installer to kick off the process.



Here are some of the features that may be accessed via this installation app:

  • Putting in.apkm,.xapk, and.apks files, as well as those downloaded through APKMirror, for use with Android devices.
  • The installation process is hands-off; all you have to do is locate the setup file in the directory structure, tap it, and then click the Install package button.
  • The service’s webpage is preloaded into each file installation card.
  • If there is an issue with installing an app, the user will be informed of why.
  • Provides in-app ad removal via paid subscription.

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Do you think APKMirror is reliable?

You should decide for yourself, but here are four reasons why we think APKMirror is reliable:

Can you can trust APKMirror

  1. One, the Founder is well-known and respected among us.
  2. Android Police’s creator, Artem Russakovskii, also manages APKMirror.
  3. Ads on APKMirror may originate from Google, and while the site’s many APK versions based on the hardware platform and “DPI” can be confusing at first, you should eventually get the hang of it.
  4. APKMirror’s parent firm, Illogical Robot LLC, previously owned Android Police before selling it to Valnet in 2021.


After the Developer’s Signature, an App Is Considered Secure for Use.

The programs available for download on APKMirror have not been tampered with and have been digitally signed to ensure their safety.

APKMirror checks the validity of all APK cryptographic signatures and compares newly released apps to those with validated developer signatures. If the app’s signature cannot be verified, it will not be available on APKMirror. Since publicly shared test/dev/debug signing keys aren’t always reliable, APKMirror disables these as well.

To put it simply for the layperson, this implies that APKMirror takes great care in vetting and distributing only virus-free programs.

Apps on Apk Mirror Are Not Cracked or Stolen.

The Files on Apk Mirror Are Not Hosted Illegally. Apk Mirror Does Not Provide “cracked” or Pirated Versions of Apps, However, It May Help You Bypass Geographical Restrictions or Censorship.

Apk Mirror’s Goal Is to Assist Programmers, Not Hinder Them or Threaten Their Livelihood. in Continuation of The Preceding Point About Security, Many Apps that Have Been Altered to Deliver Paid or Premium Features for Free Also Contain Malware or Spyware that You Should Avoid.

Don’t Take Our Word for It; Investigate Further

You Must Have Missed the Memo if You Find These Arguments Concerning Android Police’s Supposed Bias in Favour of Apk Mirror’s Services to Be Unconvincing. the Firm Behind Apk Mirror, Illogical Robot Llc, Is No Longer in Charge of Android Police.

Even the Google Play Store Can Be Included if You so Choose.


You May Even Use Your Newfound Knowledge to Sneak the Play Store onto Your Smartphone if You so choose. only Four Apps Are Required. It Also Isn’t Guaranteed to Operate on Every Device, and It May Be Necessary to Hunt Down Very Particular Apk Versions for Older or More Obscure Gadgets. This Is by No Means a Thorough Guide. Install the Following Programmes in The Sequence Shown, but Don’t Launch Them until After the Final Reboot.

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Account Manager at Google

If You Need to Update Your Google Services Framework,

  1. You Can Do so By Locating Your Android Version in The Settings App (often Under Settings > About Phone or Settings > About Phone > Software Information) and Then Downloading the Corresponding Update (i.E., Google Services Framework 12-7567768 if You Are Running Android 12).
  2. The Google Play Services
  3. The Google Play Market
  4. After the Four Have Been Installed (without Opening Them), Reboot and You Should Then Be Able to Access the Play Store. Don’t Panic if You Get a Message Saying Play Services Needs Updating. in Theory if You Can Log in At All, Everything Will Ultimately Update Itself to The Most Recent Compatible Version.
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