How Will Ant Man 3 Be Different From Loki Series?

Ant Man 3
Ant Man 3

With the end of the Loki series, we have MCU’s first Kang the conqueror variant. But through this he who remains (ant man 3), we can’t fully decide what to expect from Ant man and the Wasp: quantumania’s version of Kang the conqueror. Even though Ant man 3 Kang variant will be completely different from the one in the Loki series, it still set up Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4.

Loki series’ Kang The Conqueror Variant Sets Up What Ant Man 3’s Kang Will Be Like

Marvel is going to make a new movie. They used the Loki series to introduce Kang, the bad guy in their new movie. This is because the Loki series has time travel and it is not hard to refresh people’s memories about him before the new movie comes out. Kang was responsible for the Institutionalized Time Variance Authority. It is revealed in the last episode of the Loki series that Kang has been pulling all of those strings.

Rather than controlling a single timeline, this Kang variant was responsible for unleashing an entire multiverse of war. Middle English text becomes iddle Englishes when it is translated. Sylvie killed the Kang in this episode. There are many versions of Kang. They want to be better than each other.

Loki’s & Ant man 3’s Kang Variants Are Different

Tom Hiddleston's Loki Laufeyson Will Returns In Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness can become Ant man 3 and Loki season 2. Public attention will probably focus on Kang’s most successful version MCU

Some versions of Kang came into the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of time travel. These versions, like prime Kang conqueror and iron lad, have grown into characters in Marvel comics. Other versions include scarlet centurion and immortus.

Ant Man & The Wasp is Coming Out: Kang Will Be In The Movie

Marvel must be planning to introduce Kang in the next Ant-man movie.

Kang the Conqueror is from the 31st century. He got his powers from advanced weaponry and technology. It was hard to find the right person in the past, but Kang had a team with him. The time machine helped them travel and they were able to do some things. As Loki had won many battles over the years, he started to think that he was invincible. But his assumptions were gone when he met The Avengers. The Avengers stopped him from taking over modern-day Earth many times. After losing to them many times, he developed a strong feeling of dislike for the Avengers.

Although he doesn’t have some superpowers, Kang the conqueror is a very dangerous person. He has lots of weapons that are high tech. That means that he can take care of himself in combat and maybe beat the Avengers! A detail was revealed when Kang mentioned his name.

In the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp, Scott Lang must fight two foes with different powers. This movie is a sequel to Ant-Man from 2015. Kang has a way too big ego. It makes him a huge threat to The Avengers.

Kang is one of the worst enemies of The Avengers. He targets them and wants to get revenge. If Ant Man and the Wasp put these qualities to their version of Kang in MCU, he can become one of the most sinister villains ever. He will give the heroes in MCU a difficult time.

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