Amy Schumer Divorce: Everything You Should Know About Amy Schumer’s Ex-Husband Chris Fischer and Their Divorce!

amy schumer divorce

Kyle Dunnigan is now Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer’s new roommate. The comedian, who formerly had a brief romance with the Trainwreck actor, visited The Howard Stern Show on Thursday to discuss their current living arrangement and how the ex-couple manages to coexist.

“Her flat is lovely. You would remain if you saw it “The comic revealed to broadcaster Howard Stern that he wrote for Inside Amy Schumer. “It’s been a month and a half since I arrived there. She has been excellent.”

Dunnigan quipped that he had no intentions to ever leave Schumer and Fischer’s home after revealing that he has been living with the I Feel Pretty actress as they work together on her new Hulu series Love, Beth: I should be leaving in three weeks, but I doubt I will.

The comedian claimed that since moving in, he has developed a tendency to act like an “entitled” roommate as a result of being acclimated to the Fischers’ opulent facilities.

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Dunnigan recalled, “When I initially arrived there, I was like, ‘Oh, you don’t have to do that. “In just two days, I became incredibly entitled. The soap was thin, sort of. Why is the soap so low, I ask?”

What does Schumer’s husband think of the current situation, then? Dunnigan claims that the two got along very well right away. He described his friendship with the chef as “we bro out.” “We enjoy chess. Furthermore, all of the food is excellent and free.”

Even with all the humor, Dunnigham acknowledged that he had gone a little too far. He said, “I’ve got to get out of there.” “Because this is like adolescence suspended,” If any of the people who write for me came up at my flat, I would tase them, Howard joked after joking that the comedy writer was the boyfriend who never left.

We’re sure the flat is beginning to seem like a full house now that the family has grown to three due to baby Gene Attell Fischer. The Schumer and Fischer family had their first kid in May, and as of late, the pair has started looking into IVF as a means of family planning.

In a recent article about her IVF experience, Schumer shared that she had recently started using injectable fertility medications. She posted a photo of her injured tummy along with the caption, “I’m a week into IVF and feeling so run down and emotional.” We are deciding how to give Gene a sibling while also freezing my eggs.

The Snatched actress released an update after receiving a flood of support from her followers. She posted a photo from her most recent doctor’s appointment, “Thank you women and a few gentlemen.” “I discovered how to drink Gatorade and eat salty foods after. Cover it with ice.

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Arnica should be applied topically on bruises. that there is a tonne of people willing to be there for each other and to be patient and gentle with me. You have no idea how much your stories have benefited me. I feel so fortunate. I’m holding out hope that this will succeed. a lot of love”

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