Amy Grant Heart Surgery: Amy Grant Has Open-Heart Surgery to Correct the Uncommon Congenital Disorder PAPVR

amy grant heart surgery

Amy Grant visits The Doctors to discuss her undiagnosed inherited heart disease and life-saving open-heart surgery.

The Grammy-winning singer found she had partial anomalous pulmonary venous return (PAPVR), a condition in which one or two pulmonary veins return blood to the right atrium instead of the left. In June, she underwent surgery, and she is now sharing her story in the hopes of inspiring others.

amy grant heart surgery

Amy informs Dr. Ian Smith that she feels “wonderful” and notices a significant improvement following surgery. She reports that she was mainly asymptomatic before surgery, but she did experience an irregular heartbeat and a few instances of suffocation, but she never suspected there was a significant problem.

She claims that her health worry has prompted several of her pals to visit a cardiologist for a checkup on their heart health. Amy is pleased to report that the genetic heart ailment is not inherited and that her five children with singer Vince Gill are not at risk.

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“It’s a wonderful reminder of the gift of today,” Amy adds, revealing that she is now taking the time to be more mindful and considerate of her family and community through acts of compassion and prayer.

amy grant heart surgery

Amy’s tale, according to Dr. Ian, is an excellent reminder that even if you believe something health-related to be inconsequential, it is always better to get it checked out, especially if other members of your family have a history of a certain health condition. Amy Grant has lofty expectations for 2021.

Wednesday, while speaking on Good Morning America, the 60-year-old singer provided an update on her health, eight months after undergoing open-heart surgery to treat a rare illness her doctor detected last year.

“I feel amazing. I have a distinct impression that this will be the best year ever “Grant told 60-year-old broadcaster, Robin Roberts. The Grammy-winning singer was diagnosed with PAPVR (partial anomalous pulmonary venous return) during a regular check-up for her husband, country music artist Vince Gill, in 2013.

amy grant heart surgery

As cardiovascular diseases are the top cause of death in the United States and around the world, Grant urged fans and viewers to monitor their heart health on GMA. Amy Grant reveals her genetic heart condition and subsequent need for surgery: ‘So Grateful’

“Unbeknownst to me, my own congenital flaw was a looming killer. Therefore, my recommendation is to take care of yourself since the world needs you “She stated, Even if you believe that everything is alright, you have no idea what’s going on inside.

The Christian pop artist continued, “I believe ladies tend to place their health on the back burner.” “It is more along the lines of, “Oh my children, my grandchildren, my work, and my spouse.” We require all of these things, as well as the gift of one another. So even if you say, “Oh, I have nothing on my radar,” have someone else investigate.”

Never miss a story – subscribe to PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best celebrity news and human interest stories the magazine has to offer. Grant’s representative revealed to PEOPLE in June 2020 that the singer had undergone open-heart surgery.

amy grant heart surgery

Grant’s representative told PEOPLE at the time, “She underwent open-heart surgery to repair a congenital issue known as PAPVR that was identified during a routine heart exam.” “The doctor stated that the outcome could not have been better. We hope for a speedy and complete recovery over the next days, weeks, and months.”

According to UW Health, PAPVR is a disorder in which “one or two of the pulmonary veins returns blood to the right atrium rather than the left atrium,” causing “oxygen-rich blood to flow back to the lungs instead of the rest of the body.”

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Amy Grant shares photos after open heart surgery and describes her recovery as “miraculous.” Amy Grant Shares Photographs of Her Recovery From Open Heart Surgery The corrective treatment is performed under general anesthesia and involves rerouting blood flow.

Last February, Grant first disclosed to her admirers that she had a heart problem. In a tweet, the “Every Heartbeat” singer revealed that she was born with the condition, but is “totally asymptomatic.” Two months after her surgery, she spoke on Good Morning America and expressed gratitude that her cardiologist, Dr. John Bright Cage, detected PAPVR before it was too late.

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