Aashram Season 3 Release Date And Time In India Announced, Cast, Plot

Aashram Season 3 Release Date
Aashram Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Aashram season 2 was released yesterday only on MX Player. Aashram Season 3 Release Date In India is the main question people are asking. Those who have binge-watched the season are asking questions like release date and trailers.

With the release of many movies/ series released this week, it will be a fun week for the viewers. Ludo, Laxmii, Soorari Pottru, Chalaang, and Aashram are released in a week. It will be an incredible week for those who love Indian dramas.

Aashram got popular among the viewers when it got 100M views in 5 days. It was premiered only on MX Player and was released in late August.

Season 2 was recently released, and people ask if there is another season coming and if yes, then when?

Will There Be Aashram Season 3?

Aashram Season 3 Release Date

As season 2 was being written, No news about the next season of Aashram was released either by the production team or by MX Player. However, the next season will likely be announced soon.

The next season of Aashram will likely depend on these elements: The story, popularity among the viewers and its ratings, and the status it has or will receive as an original MX Player series.

Despite the slow pace in season 2 compared to season 1, The ending of season 2 was more abrupt and left the viewers in cliff-hanging suspense. That made it clear that the production team can make season 3 as well.

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The official statistics for the viewers who have seen the series is not yet made public. However, we can use the audience ratings and reviews about the sequel to figure out how popular the series is.

Season 1 was rated an impressive 7.8 out of 10 by IMDB and 4.3 out of 5 on Google. Season 2 got a rating of 3 out of 5 on NDTV and 3.5 out of 5 by Times of India. The ratings are not as good as season 1’s rating, but it is good enough to allow the production team to make season 3.

Finally, Aashram has become an original flagship series for MX Player. He has gained a lot of popularity among the viewers as Baba Niral was well played by Bobby Deol.

Every platform needs a Centre of attraction, and Aashram has done that very well for MX Player.

Aashram Season 3 Release Date And Time

Unfortunately, the Aashram season 3 release date in India is not announced by either the production team or the MX Player. But the season is expected to come by the mid of 2021.

Season 2 was released right after two months’ time after the first season was released, so we can expect the next season to be released by early 2021 or mid-2021.

As the ending predicts, the next season will be action-packed as there will be many different aspects, and the major one will be a good look into the past of Baba Nirala.

Aashram Season 3 Plot

This series talks about a preacher called Nirmal Baba who does some illegal and criminal activities.

Documentary series about a man from India who is supposed to have spiritual powers and perform miracles.

Aashram Season 3 Cast

Bobby Deol, the top name in TV drama serials, will be back for Season 3 of Ashram. He has been a popular star with viewers and Prakash Jha who directs films like Rajneeti and Damul is also directing Season 3.

This man’s idea is in the digital world. He gave us an inside look at what people believe in the politics of religion. His vision is certain for the next chapter.

Other cast members include:

  • Bobby Deol as Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala / Monty
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhopa Bhai / Bhopa Swami / Bhupendra Singh
  • Aaditi Pohankar as Parminder aka Pammi
  • Tushar Pandey as Satti aka Satwinder Lochan
  • Darshan Kumar as SI Ujagar Singh
  • Anupriya Goenka as Dr. Natasha
  • Tridha Choudhury as Babita
  • Vikram Kochhar as Sadhu Sharma
  • Anil Rastogi as CM Sundar Lal

Aashram Season 3 Trailer

For now, there is no trailer for the new season of the show. But soon fans can expect one. This is because the show will be back for season 3. There are no updates given yet by officials on when a trailer will come out.

The most prominent spoiler will be the Corona Virus, which can affect the production of season 3. So wait and stay updated on the news about Aashram Season 3 Release Date And Time In India. The information will be confirmed within a few weeks and stay updated for the trailer date.


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