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Aashram Chapter 2 Web Series Cast & Expected Storyline

Aashram Web Series Cast

Aashram Web Series Cast

Prakash Jha directed series Aashram was released in August 2020, and the lead actor was Bobby Deol. The second season of the series is going to come on 11th November 2020. The story is about a Baba who is a fraud who is into money, power, and lust. Aashram Web Series Cast will be mentioned too. Along with that will be the expected storyline and the past recap as well.

Aashram Chapter 2 Web Series Cast

Aashram Web Series Cast

The cast of a series is critical to make it popular. Prakash Jha has done that brilliantly as a lot of viewers likes baba Nirala. Here is the list of Aashram Chapter 2 Web Series Cast with their real name and the character they will be playing in the series.

Aashram Chapter 2 Web Series Storyline

The fiming of the series is done in Ayodhya. There was a palace that was in Ayodhya where the shooting took place. The name of the court was Raj Sadan. The palace was in a dilapidated condition, and after 5 months of designing done by the team. It became an excellent palace and well made for the team to shoot the series around it. Maximum shots were shot near the place. The Team of Prakash Jha built a temple outside the palace.

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The series’s story is that the baba is a fraud with a dark desire for women, money, and power. He has exploited a few women in the series. He is seen in some illicit activities in the series.

Aashram Chapter 2 Web Series Expected Storyline

As seen in the trailers, Season 2 will give some inside look into the life of Bobby Deol, aka Nirala Baba. It will help the viewers know why he is like that or what happens to such people who believe they are above the law. His Dark side will be shown in this season and his relationship with some people he exploited or someone close to him or his friends in political parties.

He said that you save your a*s in the trailer; I’ve made it bare while talking to the politician. So it can be expected that he has done something to the politician, or maybe they both are not on good terms. Stay updated regarding Aashram Web Series Cast.

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