Major Fire At Anglet
Major Fire At Anglet

A Major Fire At Anglet In The Prieur’s Scrapyard

A major fire is underway at the Prieur breakage in Anglet.

The flames are visible from the surroundings. No injuries were to be deplored.

The images and Videos of the incident are starting to circulate on social networks, so impressive are the flames. From Mouguerre to Bayonne, smoke invades the sky and is accompanied by a strong smell of plastic.

A major fire is in progress at the Prieur breakage, located in Anglet. The firefighters are on-site, six fire hoses are deployed, and additional teams are yet to arrive. According to the first testimonies, collected on the spot, the neighbours hear the noises of the explosion.

Major Fire At Anglet

The workers at the scrapyard were able to deliver the first observations: the fire allegedly started from the tank of a vehicle, in the workshop of the scrapyard. After trying to turn it off, in vain, the seven employees, including the two bosses, came out of the junkyard, known to empty fluids from vehicles.

The “explosions” heard by neighbours could be linked to equipment stored in the workshop, including gas cylinders. However, the fire appeared to be contained, and no injuries were reported.

All the people there were “evacuated, including those who were in the few houses around,”

said Damien Duhamel, director-general of services for the City of Anglet.

Jean-René Etchegaray, mayor of Bayonne and president of the Basque Country Urban Community also arrived on the scene. He expressed concern about pollution, since the drinking water production plant, Usine de la Nive, is located 200 meters away, just behind the junkyard.

The fire raises many questions, while the intervention is still in progress, since the wind, strong this Wednesday morning, push the smoke towards the busy 4 lanes of the D932.

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