Shanghai School Building Moved
Shanghai School Building Moved

5-Storey School Building Moved To 62 Meters In 18 Days in Shanghai

Beijing, agency. As per the choice of the person in the house, there are changes in the location of the objects, but ever heard that the building should be shifted. This was done for the first time in Shanghai with a five-story building. The 85-year-old primary school was lifted and restored through a machine.

198 equipment were installed to save the old historical building of Huangpu district. The first excavation was done around the building. After the pillars of the building were separated, they were raised and carried forward by robotic legs. The building rotated 21 degrees in 18 days and was moved 62 meters away. The building will now be used for heritage conservation and cultural education. This building was removed to build the commercial office, which will be completed in 2023.

China is known for all kinds of strange buildings and bridges. Many such buildings and bridges have been built here by cutting the mountains, which is an example for the world. China’s technology for building rotating buildings and swinging bridges is praised all over the world.

China, Dubai, America, Russia and some other countries are vying to build skyscrapers. Many countries are using new technology to save their old historical buildings. It is seen that if any old historical building is in some place where it is now in danger, then it is being removed with the help of technology. In the same way, technology is being used to shift old trees and plants. So that they can be saved and saved.

Egypt has done a lot of work to save its historical heritage. Its biggest example is the temple of Abu Simbal, which was moved from one place to another because of the Aswan Dam on the Nile River. It took nearly five years for the removal of this temple. The temple was raised to pieces and rebuilt in the same way by bringing it back to the same hill at about 60 meters in height. In this, the temple of Emperor Ramesses was cut into 860 pieces. At the same time, the temple of Rani was cut into more than two hundred pieces and moved to another place.

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